Social Media Addiction – feedback

Monday 13th March

Today we presented to the rest of the class all of our idea we had so far. We presented our initial ideas and how we got to the idea of social media. We showed all of our through processes and our work so far towards making the animation. Although we hadn’t started out animation yet we had all the planning and digital work ready to get going.

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We went through each slide and explained out plans for our animation and our feedback was all good everyone loved our approach with the “schmombie” and the idea of questioning if we are one at the end of the presentation. Also we were told that we could cut it down as it is three separate ideas and would work fine with just one so after we have presented we will discuss weather we want to cut it and if so what part we will use.

When we discussed as a group what we were going to do we decided we liked the idea of the person morfing into a zombie so we were going to start with the flash light idea and go from there. With his being taken inside and then morfed. We also were told to look into what our printed emphera was going to be and we think we might do a poster with the quote “Dont be a “schmombie” and then a gif of it morfing. I think this will all work well together.

Overall I think presenting our work so far gave us more ideas and allows us to plan how we were going to start the animation. It also made us reconsider doing the whole story board so we are looking at starting from the the mobile phone chomping the boy and go from there because we liked the idea of concentrating on the person morfing into a schmombies.


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