Keynote: Critical Thinking

Thursday 16th March

This keynote was about critical thinking the way we both make and break an idea down:

‘The objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgement’.

This means that to be a critical thinker one must evaluate the problem or idea in order to find the answers they were looking for.

We were shown a Picture of the critical thinking in Plato’s cave

The picture is of the philosophers view of the world. A philosopher however, isn’t oppressed by society’s imposed opinions and therefore isn’t stuck in the cave and is outside of it, able to see the world for what it really is, rather than what we’re told it is. As creatives we are encouraged to also not accept things at face value and like philosophers, step outside the cave when we analyse things.
This reading of life was then applied to our Constellation practice. When reading texts we should think critically, asking ourselves 3 questions:

What was the purpose of the text?

What was it written against?

What is the author trying to say within the text?

If we asked ourselves these questions when reading a piece of text we will be able to think crucially about whats in front of us, as we aren’t accepting the authors opinion. Critical thinking is something that is created by beliefs we challenge everything. We shouldn’t take offence when someone is critical of us as they are just trying to give there own opinion. Things like voting we are allowed out own opinions everyone is allowed to think differently and have there own perspective on things. Philosophy is also an example, as people can think outside the box o think about certain meanings behind things. Science is another important example of critical thinking, as it explains things in the world through reasoning and evaluation.

In todays day and age people are afraid to be critical. Things like conformity forces that average person and not to challenge what they say. People often follow the crowd because they are scared to be different, giving them security as they know they wont upset anyone.

Critical thinking can be applied to almost anything to create an interesting argument. For example, in the early 20th century, the aesthetic of minimalism was more popular than in western architecture, it was praised for being void of decoration all culture was removed from an object to create a safe outcome.
Overall, critical thinking is something we can all use in both Constellation and within Graphic Communication. By challenging norms and applying ideas in a variety of different contexts. Through design work and essay it will make it say a lot more for itself and by doing this you can stand out and break the rule and be a more successful designer. This has helped me to think about being more critical in mu own course and within constellation to get the best outcome in my own work and others.




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