Smells like Teen Spirit- 7/8

Thursday 16th March 

Acceptable in the Eighties 

Postmodernism and Post-subcultural style 



  • Bought more fluid and dynamic forms of subcultural style
  • Supermarket of style suggesting a mashup of all subcultures – Polhemus
  • Lack of clearly defined boundaries to any form of style – mashup
  • Relationship between young people and contemporary media
  • Neo-tribe indicated the way individuals expressed collective identity trough rituals
  • The groups were not formed through class gender and religion but through diverse dynamics
  • It allowed them to have there own identity as style was not linked to fashion history not bound to subculture or structure
  • They were less questioned about belonging to a gang or family or a community
  • No specific music taste like a variety
  • Subculture continued to exist as a liminal sensibility
  • Simpsons is based on a mashup
  • Not a clear fixed identity

Popular style came about in subculture and not as a collective. It focused less on accessories and clothing and instead focused on overall this new popular movement differ to those subculture that were individual and separating themselves from each other. It allowed them to become individual not categorised  into a group.

  • Polhemus
  • Bennet
  • Muggleton
  • Hodkinson
  • Thornton

Recycling the past 

Academic can be wrong prove it with examples

Quote freely from multiple sources

  • Travellers stay with one style
  • Tourist plays around with multiple options using the dressing up box of the past

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