Inspiration for the booklet

For the booklet we looked into famous children authors. We looked at Dr.Suess and Roald Darl. We wanted to have simplistic story of illustration and a simple story that rhymed. We looked into books and the context and most of them had simple illustration and simple rhymes along side it. This was where the rhyme for our booklet came from using idea from Dr. Suess.

I researched the look and feel of these authors books and used those pictures to inspire my booklet.

These image show a simple illusion with few words explaining the picture this is what I waned to achieve when doing my booklet. I also needed a script which is where Allegra wrote a script that rhymed like these children books did. We also research into it and most popular children books rhymed because it was more engaging and easier for the child to read. It also made the story more enjoyable.

This is an example of the sort of rhyme inside a Dr.Suess book this shows how simple they were and how weird and wacky they were. This is what we went with in out script which is shown below:

This is Dave.Dave liked using his phone. He used it to talk to friends and family, so he never felt alone.He didn’t see it coming, he didn’t see it strike. It chomped and it chewed and swallowed him up in one bite. I will not stand for this!  Dave screamed at beast as he kicked and fought his way to release. But it was too late when he finally got out. He thought he was fine without any doubt. But little did he know the schmombie virus had already hit, because of every like and every click. So he started to sag because of the tags. Until he could no longer walk and talk and think.

These images were to help inspire us for text placement in out own booklet. These show the boldness of text because of the importance of a word. I think this would work well in out booklet as well if we had enough space to play with. I also like the way everything flows with the image. The text works with the image which i think is really clever and I want to look into this when making my booklet.


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