Digital Ephemera- Gif

Tuesday 21st March 

For our Digital Ephemera we decided as a group we wanted to use a part of the animation that most stood out and use that and but it into a format of a gif. We used the part where it morphs from Dave to a Schmombie then ended with the are you becoming a Schmombie?.

We used this part as we felt this was a key feature in our animation showing the change of someone addicted to social media. We also felt this would work the most on making people aware that they are a Schmombie as well.

Our digital ephemera we also wanted to show in context so what out campaign would look like in a digital context. We used twitter to show what our campaign would look like on a social media platform. We did feel we were contradicting our self by using a digital format when we are telling people to be aware of being addicted to social media. We thought we could use the tag line “if your reading this then is it already to late. We also screen shot picture of what the moving GIF would look like on a mobile phone.

We also needed to think about how this would look in the expedition so we first displayed these on two separate A4 piece but when we went to display them it didn’t look strong enough. We went back and put it all together on an A3 piece of paper.

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 14.27.42.png

This shows our digital ephemera in context allowing people to know what it would look like if we used it in the context. I believe this gif works well in a digital context because it shows the catch line are you becoming a Schmombie well.





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