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For our project our progress as a group has been good and I think as a group we have worked efficiently in splitting the part of the animation and printed Emphera up to get the best out of the time we had. We as a group split the part in to three parts beginning middle and end. I did the beginning scene where the phone comes in and take the character ‘dave’ inside him my scene then end black with just his eye which then rolls into Georges scene where the emoji and notification pop up and ‘Dave’ uses the notification against the phone. I then followed from this as George scene was complicated and time consuming I said I follow from that and do the scene where the phone is sick and end with the pile of notification and you see part of ‘Dave’ in the pile. This then leads on to the most important part which Allegra morfed ‘Dave’ into a ‘Schmombie’. This then ends with all the ‘schmombies’ walking off. I then used our logo and created a simple animated ending to finish the whole animation.

Whilst we were animating we decided that the poster idea could be pushed further into a booklet with me feel confident on Indesign I created a booklet with 10 pages and a front and back cover which is shown in a previous blog post. The other two continued with the animation putting all parts together. We then decided originally that we were going to have a voice over similar to the booklet story but more detailed and more sound effects.

When putting the animation together we put the sound effects in first and when playing it through we decided it would work well with backing music instead. So Allegra had the whole animation and chose to put Kevin MacLeod – Professor Umlaut. When Allegra played this tracked to us we felt it worked really well. once inserted into the animation the tracked played really well with the pace of the animation.

There was a few website we used to get the sound effects for the animation.


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