What lies Beneath – A Typography Talk by Dalton Maag

Wednesday 22nd March 

Bruno Magg

  • Chairman
  • @bruno_maag

Tom Foley 

  • Creative Director
  • @TFEFoley

What they do?

  • Custom Fonts
  • Logo Refinements
  • Library fonts
  • Font modification

Risetta stone

Egyptian Hieroglyphics – is where we get our type from today – Roman writing is very comfortable to read

Dawn of (western) civilisation

Moving type books written by hand the impact this had of European society

Guternburg changed this within 100 year 70% of people became literate this only happened in Europe. He created variants of the type characters.


Lush is a handmade font they train people to write in there style. In digital they couldn’t do this they needed something digital that they could update.

Headline version in capital ‘Katie’ Text lowercase


Working with brand to find there typographic brand.

Rebranded over 5 years ago. They decided it needed to be more consumer friendly. There typeface was dated and needed updating.

Research-Ideation-Design concept-Concept refinement -Execution

They narrowed it down to two typeface sans and slab serif type

The process of reading 

When we read we don’t read in line  we read in a psychotic movement. Line length 55-65 character long we can read 7-8 psychotic movements. This has been proven by science.

When ever using a typeface for a client read the user license.

This talk overall was very informative and gave me a insight into how much work a new typeface and rebranding can take. I  felt hit was nice to see a different take on how a company rebranded a well known brand. I felt the Lush rebrand was very interesting to see how they turned a everyday handwriting into a digital typeface that can be used anywhere in store and online. I feel they really went into detail on how the smaller thing are the thing that make the most impact and are truly the most important.



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