Smell like Teen Spirit- 8/8

Thursday 23rd March 


Bricolage and Contemporary – Japanese Subcultural scenes 

Your practice can draw on other people practices and other people create inspiration. Draw from the past to create something new. Learn from the past.

Harajuku Street Style 

  1. Characteristics of the style and influences
  • The image is based on teens
  • Over the top exaggerated look
  • They take signs out of there original contexts and make it chaotic.
  • Creative do it your self mixing traditional Japanese dress with western retro style, avant-grande Japanese couture, futuristic cyber style with new trans and handmade second hand thing.
  • It combines novelty and traditional. East and west and the old world and the modern.
  • They wanted to stand out
  • Was influenced by TV programs
  • Acting a different identity how they imagine themselves to be
  • Present themselves out of the normal taste whats is consider the normally look.
  1. The relationship between this ‘scene’ and its social/cultural context
  • There culture is discrete but there way of dress in this style is to be scene
  • Pushing out against conservative society

Meaning in the work and the social meanings that they produce

Recycling of punks style and goth

Used childlike item what you would of wore when you were little. Clash of colour and pattern.

Using kids jewels for different purpose – hair slide hasn’t been used to keep hair out of the face its there to be seen has no function its just decorative.

Harajuku street style is a more modern style and from looking at the style I seen the mix of a lot of other style within the street style. This style is to stand out from the rest in the there culture.


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