Schmombie Sticker and Badge Designs

For this project we wanted the animation and story to also have more things that kids like to link with the story. We first came up with the idea of badges that could be worn and that we would make them so that people could be aware of our campaign. Our badges were a simple design using our illustration we used in the animation along with our logo.

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 15.24.06.png
Badge Designs

We would have made actually badges to use in the expedition but we didn’t have the resource to make them as we couldn’t find a badge maker and didn’t know how else to give the design justice.

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 15.24.22.png
Sticker Designs

These sticker design I used the illustration we created on illustrator and also use some of the story part on the sticker and also kept them simple with just the logo. I also wanted to keep with the same  theme  with the blue background and the same design as the animation and books.

From these design I printed them off small and used a sticker maker to laminated them and turn them into stickers. I didn’t want to just show the design I wanted to actually make them to bring it alive more.


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