Afterlife: Elbow grease Magazine

Tom Sydenham – art director

Josh Gabbatiss- editor

Jon Sinfield

Worked for a science magazine didn’t feel they were doing it that well. He didn’t like how it looked because of how simple it was. He thinks a magazine should be something more than a luxury product.

A small business was hard he began to learn how to make a magazine. He met Josh who is a science editor. He was woking for the science magazine. They were relax when making first ideas. They were trying to finding a voice being different and unique. Difficult to start with nothing. Seen opportunity and it was knowing when to use them.

Knowing how to collaborate using illustrator to slot into the spreads within the chapters. Having his own magazine at first he felt he could do whatever he wanted which was becoming over the top.

The title Elbow grease came from his girlfriend Katie. The name already had meaning and they felt it was playful. They wanted to know they were making something relevant. They were taking thing as they came. Starting something like this you could become overwhelmed.  They had no space to work in. Make use of the resources you have make connections. Work for yourself.

They invest some  money to begin with to get it kick started. A magazine should be something full of ideas. They printed 1000 magazine they didn’t know what to do with them. This is where Jon same in as they had a product but had no business idea behind them.

Can you make money out of it?

You need to use your budget to the best of your ability. Need to know who your aiming it at. They wanted to gather every one interested to get honest feedback. Get as much feedback. This was helpful moving forward. The first issue was where they were finding there feet. They need to find somewhere to stock there magazine. Small newsagents in Bristol go beyond that tattoos studios, hairdressers using places you use in everyday.  Make sure you have your invoice beforehand.

Making sure you chose your parents carefully. Don’t want to throw it in anywhere.

Try and get people to talk about it social media. Word of mouth get people to talk about.

Get your self involved in places that have a established fan base. They can help you out in the long run.

Trying something new. Can they use talk to brand in a different way.

You have to grow to succeed. Print isn’t dead but there’s a small market for it.

They do things there own way because they don’t have a office. Looking where they can go beyond the Uk.

Keep on top of finances.

Meeting conditions of stockist. Need to be able to meet there demands.

Keep on top of everything

Skill gaps as there is just three of them with there own different skills. They need to find other talents to team up with have contacts. There alway people who want to help. They have the problem of limited resources. They need to use there free time. The product is time sensitive. Using the money they have to the best of there abilities.




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