Keynote: ‘Sex Sells’ Objectification in the Media

Thursday 30th March

Objectification- Degrading something to the status of an object treating a person with no rights or respect and simply boing then down to their raw physical appearance.

Men our the people with the most power our culture has been of kings,presidents and Dictators. These have all been males, gender in the modern age has become moe that biological it is a label that dictates what you can and can’t do. Sexual objectification is more specific form which make a person an object of appetite. Once a women has been photographed she is forever objectified by anyone who views that photographer.

The only real way to not objectify someone sexually is to be with them in a relationship or within marriage. The philosopher Kant stated that by giving up yourself to somebody else, you only truly have them in a way that isn’t just as an object, you have their emotions, feelings and humanity as well as their body. He called it a unity of will. 

There was an “wrong turn” advertisement created by Calvin Klein Jeans that essentially glamorises gang rape, objectifying all the models and making force and masculine dominance something fashionable. Which frankly is a rather backwards view for advertisers to hold in a 21rst century society.

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 12.58.38.png
(Calvin Klein’s rape promoting advertisement. With clear ideals of sexism and objectification.)

 The power of media is mentally very damaging to the human mindset it creates self esteem issues, sexual repression and even anxiety. By preventing objectification in the media, arguably we could stop people from thinking its okay to act in certain ways towards the opposite sex. (I.E. if people see gang rape in a poster, this could subconsciously ingrain the idea that its okay to act in this way).

Overall this keynote has made me think about how my designs could be more equal and having ethics and morals have constructed to makes us above other animals in terms of our intelligence and thought processes. Whilst yes, we will judge attractiveness when looking for a mate, we can prevent it happening in such an explicit way in things like advertising and also society in general. Overall, This keynote taught me a great deal about the importance of both ethics and equality in my practice as well as life in general.

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