Final Presentation – Social Media Addiction

Friday 31st March

Social Media Addiction – Final Presentation

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Today we presented our work for the final time showing our process from the last time we presented and how our ideas changed slightly and how we ended up with our final animation. We first started with our process which started with looking at different campaigns and themes that we could address. We then from there dove straight into the sketches and to plan our story. We then worked in three parts splitting it to start, middle and end. We all felt we worked well as a group we were able to work in gaps in the animation by bouncing ideas of each other.


Our ideas changed from the last time we presented when we showed our story board our feedback was that they felt the story board was too long and could be spilt into three separate stories. So from this our first thing we did we had to choose which section we were going to pick. This was easy as we all felt the ending was the strongest part of the story board and would work the best on its own.

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 11.56.54.png

This was the part of the story boards that we were going to animate. We felt this part of the animation was the most important to the storyboard and would work well as a whole animation. We also discussed our target audience we wanted our animation to work towards the younger generation when looking at our illustration and the storyboard it would work better aimed at them. This is then where the idea of a children book came in from our printed ephemera. We were also inspired by Dr.seuss as his books are both loved by all audiences.  We then rolled with the idea of younger kids and created stick and illustrated the idea of badges.

We also displayed our logo that we created to brand our selves and give the campaign and identity. We also displayed out printed ephemera and our digital and our stickers. We also showed our gif and how it moved and our final animation.

I felt overall the presentation went well we again worked well as a team I made most of the powerpoint and then sent it to the others to add there parts. Even know I don’t like presenting to the class because I have a fear of  talking in front of people I feel the more I do the more confident I get. Also felt that because it was something I did and I was proud of it was easier to explain in front of everyone.

Over all I think this project went really well and the outcome was better than I expected. I think the first few weeks we were a bit confused on the direction we were heading and all had very different ideas. But once we figured our of campaign the idea came all together. I feel working on the animation worked best with splitting the part and then once they were all done one person putting it all together. I also felt it worked well that the printed ephemera was done by one person because i feel it had more direction and was easier for just one person to do the design whilst the other gave guidance and ideas on how to change it slightly.  I enjoyed this project and if i was to do it again I would defiantly print the booklet professionally because the printer in the university didn’t give it justice. I think it would have read much better it the printing hadn’t given it a white border. We also thought about maybe given the mobile phone more character.

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 12.17.24


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