Great Expectation – type detailing

Monday 24th April 

Today we looked at type detailing and did a mini workshop to help us focus on the detail of type to help us with our articles. We had a piece given to us from the great expectations and in pair had to create a B6 page in and style we wanted to just considering type detailing. We had to consider the point size, heading, sub-heading, stand-first, callout, indent, em/En dash and also margins/columns. This also needed to be printed with a crop to show the display. W e had 40 minutes to design this which was challenging but it gave us both a insight in how quick it is to look at type detailing. This help as the project timeline is very short. Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 17.07.40

This was our final outcome we chose 6 columns and split the text into 3 and dragged a quote out and centre aligned it to make it different from the rest. I feel we worked well as a pair and got what was needed done but needed to consider adding a stand first to make the first paragraph stand out.

I have learn from this what all of these different points mean and where they need to be used. I also feel that i have more confident now when look through my article and make choice on type that I have that amount of detail in there.




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