My Article choice and My Ideas

My article I chose was Decade in the dark I chose this as i felt it had a very different feel to the article that all of the other and I felt I could be playful with imagery. My first thoughts are I’m going to do three double page spread because I can play around with space and typography working with the images.

I have thought about the imagery a lot because i feel once I have the images the whole article will come together and I will have more of an idea of layout. I had thought of using shadows to create images. I thought about using shadows of living room objects to show thats the place she has to stay. I also thought about shadows on the face to show light and dark on the face.

These images have inspired me and I am thinking about how I can do this in my own creative way using one of my friends as a model. I am thinking of using shadow of plant and tree over the face to show parts of the outdoors.

I haven’t thought about layout yet i have put all the text into a indesign file as I felt that would give me a better sense of space so I know how much I have to play with. I think there a lot of places to play with imagery and typography.


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