Existing Magazine

Before starting this project I wanted to look at existing magazines to get a sense of what layout work and what don’t. I also wanted to get a sense of images working within the spread. I looked at a variety of different magazine to get a feel for what is out there. IMG_2017

This spread has used 3 column for there body copy. Which is how many I think I will start with in my own design. I also like the use of like to put images within in them. I also like the use of black and white then using the orange colour throughout to give a little but of colour to they page. I also thinking the size of the type works well for this size spread.




This magazine has used a powerful quote using creative colour s throughout the page to make it eye catching. I think the fact the left side is so powerful works with the red page staying with simple white writing. I think the two page work together and don’t over power. I also think the two columns work well.


This has used simple illustrations working with the text which I think work well and is a clever approach but I feel the body copy is very hard to follow and doesn’t flow very well. I also don’t like the way the text goes around the image creating weird shapes.


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