Magazine Layout

Friday 28th April 

In group of three we had to develop a 8 page a5 spread with a topic that was given to us. This was to show us that it is possible to create a good layout in a short amount of time and showed me how much can be done in the time given.

We were given the topic gnomes and out imagery and text was found from the internet we decided to spilt it into three articles and all work on a spread each keeps the theme and text detailing the same. We payed attention to the type, image, hierarchy. titles, typeface, grid system, quotes ,margins, style of image and pace.

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 17.29.14.pngScreen Shot 2017-04-30 at 17.29.52

We chose three article one about a lady who stole gnomes, the worlds largest gnome and a collection of gnomes. We chose to come up with three puns and we felt that would match our topic well.  We went for Should’ve gnome better, Gnome one bigger and gnome by many. We felt this gave humour to our articles. We stuck with a 6 column grid using Helvetica Neue for our body copy and Futura for heading and sub headings.

The feedback we were given was that overall was a good layout as it felt tacky which is what we wanted because of the articles and the nature of gnomes. We also were told that we could have placed the title else where as it felt like there separate pages instead of working together which I completely agree with we did say this after we printed. The puns worked well and gave the article a sense of humour.


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