Photography -Changing Faces Project

For my project I want to use photography within my peice. I have looked at image that have inspired me. My initial idea with my article is because its based on a girl in the dark I wanted to use light and shadows on a face.

I chose to use these images as inspiration and decided that i would use a projector and use images projected on the face to create a shadow I also wanted to place around with a plan background and just the shadow of the hands on the face.

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I have looked at them all and my favourite three:

These three are the strongest image as I feel they relate to the article well and can be used with photoshop to make a really strong image to use in the article. With the second image with the hand as a shadow across the face i think this image works really well and would work well as a keep image in my article. I think if I broke the colour down and blackened the shadows it would be a really strong image.

I felt these image portrayed the article well showing how she is confused and feels trapped in the dark. I wanted to make the face covered and unknown so there wasn’t a face to attach to in the article. I wanted to play around with these images playing around with colour and grayscale to give a sense of what work best in the article.

With this image i wanted to use it at the start of my article i was trying to get a sense of which one worked the most with experimenting with colour and without. I decided in the end that the greyscale one worked the most with the article as I wanted a black and white theme throughout but the black and white one looked to flat and didn’t work swell with the article.

Here shows them with in a first draft of my article to give a sense of what worked well with the overall layout and title.

For the back page I wanted a full side of one image and  I wanted to make it a strong image and one where I had used this pattern to look confused and trapped and that would link to the middle page. I feel the last one works the best with contrast of light and dark and it look more like she’s trapped behind something.

This give a sense of the image working with the article and I again feel the last image work the best given the strongest outcome the other feel to dark the image is strong and i feel the darkness of the image doesn’t work with article.


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