Tutorial – Changing Faces

Monday 8th May

This is my first double page spread my idea behind this spread is for the cracked light bulb to represent the girl in the dark the idea that she cracked the light and know lives in the dark. I used a image behind the text to make a strong starting point. The quote I have placed between two lines to separate them away from the rest of the text. I also have the text in size 20 font which is because when print it will be size A1. I do feel this page has a lot going on but i wanted to get all my ideas on there and then see how I can adjust it in the tutorials.

This is my next double page spread I wanted to use this pattern because I used it in my image and I felt it was strong and portrayed the way she is confused and trapped in the dark. The use of the black and white quote is to play with the quotes meaning. I have centred the body text on the next page to play with space.

This is the last double page spread I have used the same layout for the body text as the previous one. I have used the image that is the same as the pattern above but I do feel this image feel very dark and doesn’t give the image justice.

Today I had a tutorial with David where we talked through where I had got with article so far and what I could do to improve. The image I had used were strong and I needed to be more confident with them and make them the strength of the article. The title needed work and there needed to be more white space. He felt the first double page spread was to busy and that the light bulb wasn’t working with the images so I decided that it would be best to get rid of it.

The line around the quotations weren’t working they were restricting the quotation. He felt I needed to play with the type more and be more brave with it. I felt this was very helpful and once explained what needed work I completely understood where he was coming from and what I could do with it. I also felt I could use the grid more.



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