Ephemera – Poster Ideas for Direct Me

For one of my ephemera for this project I wanted to make a poster that displayed the place and time of the expeditions. I wanted my poster to display the logo and the date and time. I played around with a few ideas.

I wanted to use my mark and my three tag lines to create a couple of posters that can show my expedition. I used the colours within my mark to start.

I used bold tag lines to show what direct me was about. I wanted the writing to be in bold to make it eye-catching and easy to read. I first went with the landscape idea using just black writing and the logo. I felt this was boring and needed more colour. I used the colours with in the line and made the word look 3D by putting colour behind each of the words.

This then brought me on to the fact that the mark was to big. When researching poster the logo are alway small and they let the strap line do the taking. So I wanted to play with that idea and making the strap line bigger and centre of attention. I decided to try it portrait and make the three bold words in the centre.

Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 18.40.11

I think this poster layout work the most as the mark is clear and so is the strap lines. I still need to work on where I am going to place the information and if I am going to play around with the type more. I have used Arial black font for the strap lines and Arial for the informations.


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