Animation for Direct Me

For my animation I wanted it to be the logo moving. My idea was to make the lines move to show the path being made. I also wanted the text to type itself or create itself using shapes.

I began with import all three part of my logo. This was so I could make them move separately. I first wanted to make the line of my mark move to make the path and meet in the middle. I also wanted to make the type move to create the letters whilst the path is being made.

I did this by in my first comp adding all my image to make my logo separate and lining them up so they displayed my logo. I right clicked on the orange line and changed the vector into a shape. I then added a path ,stroke and a trim path. In Trim path I put both the start and the end to 0.0% then at 4 second I changed the percentage to 100% I then pressed the path timer at the begging and this allowed the line to draw itself. I did the same for the purple line and the Direct Me words. Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 11.30.57.png

After I had my logo moving I want to add the lines from my logo coming in before had all over the screen. To do this I used another comp and added the lines how I wanted them on the screen and used the same technique as before but for some of the line I changed them so they started from a different end.

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 11.34.42.png

I also was told in my tutorial that I would need a strap line at the end to some up my brand. So I used a third comp and added the work Direct, explore and enjoy separately so I could use them to move around the screen after my logo. I wanted each word come from a different direction. So I used position and placed them off the screen at the beginning then change the percentage at 4.00 seconds so they would all move on the screen.

My final animation is displayed below:

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