Equinox Design Agency

Unloved Heritage? Live design brief

About Equinox 

  • Cardiff based
  • Established in 1996
  • clients spanned public to private sectors

Unloved Heritage?

  • HLF funded
  • Three year programme
  • CADW 4X archaeological trust
  • Heritage, skills and adventure
  • want to get young people involved
  • Creating a cool brand for 11-25 year olds that is also authentic

What they need for me :- 

  • Creative cool and modern
  • All encompassing and coherent
  • Identity for all seven
  • Appealing to young people
  • Logo used across web and social media. Use on flyers, t-shirts and posters
  • Pride in the involvement


  • Don’t like simplistic logos
  • Colour need to be cool and modern


  • Umbrella logo that represents all 7
  • Website banner

To consider

  • HLF acknowledgement
  • Partner logo
  • Welsh language bilingual
  • 1 logo, 7 projects consistent mark that can be edited to show a system







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