Digital Me – Portfolio

For this project it was all about digital me and creating a brand and a portfolio set up. I created a portfolio that followed the them of my logo and displayed all my work from 2nd year making it interactive so that I could include all of my videos. I used my logo as a opening page and then created thumb nail for each of my projects to make it easy to navigate around the portfolio. I also set my logo as a button to click to back to the homepage this made it easier again to navigate. I also used thumb nails for my videos and linked them to my youtube video.

I enjoyed making this portfolio and displaying all of my work within one place. This made it easier to create my website as I already had the base within my portfolio. I liked the fact that we could make our portfolio link to our theme and logo given it our own individual stamp.


My portfolio shows three project from this years subject and also project from my field that I include because I think it show a wide range of other work that I can do and shows that I can work with other fields as well.


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