FMP – Final Presentation

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My presentation I talked about how I got to my idea and where I went with my idea. I explain that I used to research such as a magazine that influenced me. The likes of Elle, Fashion, vogue and hello Fashion. I wanted to show that fashion magazine influence me when it came to layout and content. I also needed a lot of help with the front cover as this us something that in previous feedback wasn’t working. I looked at front covers that had stripped back a lot and concentrated more on the image on the cover that the text. Which I now understand and works much better.

What I need to do…


The type style used for the cover ‘Generation’ could be used for the major headings throughout the publication. The font choice for the headings is a little dated. It needs to be a little more ‘experimental’ to reflect your intentions of accessible street fashion.

’The edit …..’ copy would be better bold.

Contents page

The vertical double lines are unnecessary – remove them. Introduce more positive leading between lines.


The right pages sometimes have a small circle and then the page number. It would be better if you had a running foot that related to the chapter/article/section title.

Spread 8-9

Remove the vertical double lines. Put some blank lines between paragraphs on the left column. Make the signature and X more painterly – do it by hand and scan it. Type in the right column should be a smaller point size.

Spread 10-11

Make the pulled quote stand out more on the left page – bold? Could you emphasise some of the keywords in the quote on the right page? You have done this better on page 15.

Spread 12-13

Make the pulled quote stand out more on the left page – bold? The pages with the Follow@Fashionoddity information needs to be more subtle. The white panel is too big and needs to be reduced in size.

Spread 18-19

Where is the tag?

The tags sometimes lack contrast between the foreground (text) and background (colour). Make sure they white out type works by making some of the background colours darker.

Spread 26-27

Needs more content. The pulled quote needs to be more interesting.

The following spreads have tags but not words. Make sure that the tags are always in different positions on each spread. Avoid repetition.

Spread 36-37

Needs more copy relating to the apparel.

Spread 38-39

Copy too close to the page number line. This is a problem on other spreads too.

Spread 40-41

Image is not engaging due to the subject looking away from the camera.

If you put the quote at the bottom of the page, there is no need for the bottom line.

Line spacing lacks consistency between paragraphs and baselines do not line up.

Spread 42-43

Choice of font is questionable and inconsistent with other pages.

 Make sure that once you have decided on fonts and layouts, you stick with it and be consistent throughout. The latter pages need more copy to make them more convincing.

All tag need font changes

Change all quotes to the verveine font


The same picture as another page use a different image

Netflix and Mom jean page needs more content





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