Final Major Project – Reflection

My final major project is the one project I really related too and enjoyed researching and designing. I think that the fact that the brief was completely up to us really helped as I never really connected with any of the other projects as I struggle to design for an issue that I don’t feel strongly about. The start of this project was hard as I found it difficult to narrow down what I wanted to do and what I felt I was good at. I think after writing down thing I felt I’d enjoyed the most and also my interest really helped me come up with a rough idea of a fashion based project.

The idea of a fashion magazine came from the enjoyment of editorial and magazine design. The fashion idea came from my interest in fashion, clothes and shopping. I really enjoy fashion on high streets and online. I think that this is something I really enjoyed doing is making an outfit out of simple things. I also wanted to use a skill I had that I didn’t feel strongly about in the past. This was my photography I did an A level in it but never really enjoyed it as most of what I photographed was building and motion photography. This idea of portrait photography I really enjoyed and think that they worked really well. I think it is something I’d discarded but think I could use it in the future as it is something that I am good at.

The design ideas came from a few different magazines. I think that this has helped to come up with layout and page ideas. I think that this helped a lot with getting the layout and design ideas out there. I think that if it wasn’t for looking at other magazines I would have been stuck on how to start my magazine. I really enjoyed the development of my magazine and I think that having the photos really helped with the development of my magazine. I did 4 photoshoots with a different outfit and different model I think that having a lot of images to play with really helped as I could play around with different images and different placement of images.




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