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Exit Strategy 

The third year has been one of those years that has really made me think about what I do long term and what my exit strategy is and what I plan on doing after university. I’m the type of person that has always winged things and allowed things to just happen. Following this year and the open brief we’ve had, it has drawn me as a designer to editorials and especially that of fashion.

Immediately after graduation, I plan on having a job or an internship abroad. I hope to be able to work further on my design skills and would love to work with fashion and social media companies. I hope to work on my typography and editorial skills, I want to be a designer because I will be able to work on so many different briefs and this will help me gain experience with different types of projects to focus on. I want to work in an environment where everyone is creative and have ideas to bounce off one another as that is how I worked when I was in University.  At the moment freelance isn’t something I think I could do but I think once working with a company as an intern or as a full-time job will give me the experience to go it alone. I want an internship abroad to not only to gain experience but also to live away from home as I study in the university and stayed at home so I think having time away to gain experience will be good for me.

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  • Applied for jobs in Bristol & Cardiff
  • Researched and applied for internships in Europe

Live application

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Portfolio examples 

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Website Portfolio

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Catalog Images 

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