Reflection on third year

This last term of my degree has been hard work and challenging. It has been my favourite term because it has been awarding as I can see how my work is coming together for the final degree show.

My final major project was one of the projects I enjoyed the most it was something that I wanted to do and got me to use a skill that I’d forgotten about. Using photography as one of my main strength for this project was daunting as I had previous experience with photography but never taken photos of people. I knew that getting models in a studio would be hard so I decided to trust the British weather and use the streets around me as my studio. It worked really well and there was a lot of a good place in walking distance that worked really well with the theme of the magazine. I think that using photography as the main part of my magazine worked well and felt very personal when I added an image of me and my sister to tie everything together.

The chance to design my dissertation was a challenge as I started to lose interest in my topic that I wrote about so I struggled to design for something that I lost interest in. I decided to keep it simple using colour for each page. I also drew images to link to each chapter to make it easy to visually imagining what I was talking about within my dissertation question. I used fonts that were different for each chapter trying to tie the font in with the year I was talking about.

Thinking about what happens after university scares me. Every decision that led me to university was really random and something I didn’t really think about planning ahead was never something I wanted to do so thinking about life after university scares me. I have always wanted to travel or live abroad so thinking about an internship abroad is something that I would enjoy. I have researched into internship abroad but struggled to find something that pays enough to really stay out there long enough to get a worthy internship.



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