John and Jane Portfolio

  1. Think of yourself as a brand
  2. Sell your work better
  3. A more focused career/future
  • Your brand is important
  • Consider the order of your project
  • Make the most of your best projects -try and make more of it
  • Eliminate the weak
  • Ask: Why would anyone want to hire you?
  • You are a brand

Showing the process is better than the finished piece




ADZ5888 Reflective Writing

Field Year 2 reflective post 


  • Ideation and realisation
  • Discipline
  • Contextual understanding
  • Evaluation of my own learning
  • Cultural understanding

In the first term of field the project I chose was ‘Are you sitting comfortable?’ this was a project that was client based to build a chair for there personality and need. The project was partner based work together intensely throughout the whole project this partner was someone I didn’t know and from another field to gather our different strengths together. I got paired with josh who was a product design student this project taught me how to work together and how different it is to pair with people from other fields. I felt like me and my partner worked well when we were together but I found the contact out of uni difficult.We interviewed the client together and brainstormed and design the chair together mixing both of our ideas together. When it came to making the chair I thought that process worked well we both knew our strengths and made the work load less by working separately when needed.

I learnt a wide range of skills that I wouldn’t have learnt in graphic communication. The skills came especially when coming to making the chair as I did do GCSE product design but my knowledge was limited. Dealing with a client and having meeting was also a different experience and really helped when coming back to subject. I have struggled with being quiet and not leading things but I think in this situation it helped because we both has different strengths so when it came to speaking we had different things to say.

Overall I think this project went well I think me and my partner worked well as a team and came together more when it came to the actually making of the chair. At first I found coming up with idea based of the clients interview hard. When I got into it I found it easier to come away from using the obvious. As a pair we wanted the chair to hint at things but not be obvious to other people. We also decided we wanted to include more than one of the thing she mentioned. I picked up on the fact she loved Indian Beaches so when it came to picking a design I wanted it to have a beach like chair feel to it. We used bo-house architecture for the side of the chair and the pattern was inspired by Lead singer of LED Zeppelin.

For the second term I chose something very different and something I’ve always wanted to do. I chose to go on a two week trip to Rajasthan where we went to two part of the city. This was an amazing trip and it was really nice to spend a whole two weeks with people we didn’t know before hand and get to know them and there field over the trip. This trip was a cultural experience and certainly opened my eye to how other people way of lives. There way of creating things from so little really changed the way I look at design.

I have always wanted to travel and to see other cultures and it was nice to feel part of there world. I have really enjoyed the workshop and how they have made such amazing things with so little. They don’t need factories to make there products. They work fast but there work is precise and neat. I am really enjoying work in my artist book and how this trip will change my work in the future. India is a crazy and chaotic place but it is also full of kind and caring people who want you to learn from them and also learn from you.

These two experience have really helped in different ways to influence my practice. It helped me developed within my course and gave me a understanding of other practices and the work they do. I have learnt that graphic design is a big part but when I was in Rajasthan the graphic communication was still the same even know I was in another country and i believe it is a key ingredient in everything.


3rd Year Degree Show – PL{US} show

Pl{us} show of the third year degree show was eye opening and got me excited for third year. The work was very interesting and amazing to see so many different ideas and styles in one room. It was defiantly and eye opening experience to see everyones work and to see what I will be doing next year and got me exciting for my final year.

One of things that really took me by surprised was the dissertation! It really inspired me to do mine over the summer as I can make something that I can also design in a really cool way. It makes me feel like I can creates a purpose for my work and makes me feel like it won’t be a pointless and having it created would make it more readable to designers.

The thing that really inspired me was the fact that the work was all so amazing but it was also the way it was displayed that made it so much better. The way this one above was displayed made it so much more interesting because it linked so well with the final product.


Digital Me – Website

After my tutorial with matt about making a word press website I felt more confident when it came to making one for my own portfolio of work. I wanted to follow the theme and colours using my logo to help guide my website. To create my website I used word press and with that I used the theme ‘Singl’ as I felt this would work well with my concept of a portfolio.

My website I created a about pages first to make sure that everyone knew who I was as a person and a designer. I wanted to show who I was as a designer by explaining what my skills were and also explain what I want to do. Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 12.32.04.png

I then created a portfolio page where I made thumb nails of all my projects and hyperlinked them all to separate pages that I would then put my work onto. This would help people guide themselves around my website and click on the separate parts of my portfolio work. I included all of my portfolio work underneath the heading portfolio and had hyperlink within the thumbnails.

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 12.40.13

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 12.41.58.png

I also wanted to include my cv within my website so that anyone who seen it would see my CV as well. The cv helps people know who I am and what skills and qualifications I have. I included this on a separate page after my portfolio.

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 12.44.10.png

I also placed my Instagram and twitter page underneath my page so that people could see other work I had done. I have both a twitter and a Instagram page that display my work that i’m currently doing and work i’ve done in the past.

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 12.50.07Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 12.49.41



Digital Me – Portfolio

For this project it was all about digital me and creating a brand and a portfolio set up. I created a portfolio that followed the them of my logo and displayed all my work from 2nd year making it interactive so that I could include all of my videos. I used my logo as a opening page and then created thumb nail for each of my projects to make it easy to navigate around the portfolio. I also set my logo as a button to click to back to the homepage this made it easier again to navigate. I also used thumb nails for my videos and linked them to my youtube video.

I enjoyed making this portfolio and displaying all of my work within one place. This made it easier to create my website as I already had the base within my portfolio. I liked the fact that we could make our portfolio link to our theme and logo given it our own individual stamp.


My portfolio shows three project from this years subject and also project from my field that I include because I think it show a wide range of other work that I can do and shows that I can work with other fields as well.

Digital Me Cv

For this Project after I created a brand for myself I decided to continue with my CV as this was the thing that most excited me. I wanted to show who I am in a creative way and it was the one thing that I could because I already had a CV base.

Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 16.38.23

The cv I want to explain who I am as a person and a designer and I wanted to show how my retail experience has helped me with my skills. I have included all my socialmedia that I have created towards my own brand.