Final Presentation – Social Media Addiction

Friday 31st March

Social Media Addiction – Final Presentation

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Today we presented our work for the final time showing our process from the last time we presented and how our ideas changed slightly and how we ended up with our final animation. We first started with our process which started with looking at different campaigns and themes that we could address. We then from there dove straight into the sketches and to plan our story. We then worked in three parts splitting it to start, middle and end. We all felt we worked well as a group we were able to work in gaps in the animation by bouncing ideas of each other.


Our ideas changed from the last time we presented when we showed our story board our feedback was that they felt the story board was too long and could be spilt into three separate stories. So from this our first thing we did we had to choose which section we were going to pick. This was easy as we all felt the ending was the strongest part of the story board and would work the best on its own.

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 11.56.54.png

This was the part of the story boards that we were going to animate. We felt this part of the animation was the most important to the storyboard and would work well as a whole animation. We also discussed our target audience we wanted our animation to work towards the younger generation when looking at our illustration and the storyboard it would work better aimed at them. This is then where the idea of a children book came in from our printed ephemera. We were also inspired by Dr.seuss as his books are both loved by all audiences.  We then rolled with the idea of younger kids and created stick and illustrated the idea of badges.

We also displayed our logo that we created to brand our selves and give the campaign and identity. We also displayed out printed ephemera and our digital and our stickers. We also showed our gif and how it moved and our final animation.

I felt overall the presentation went well we again worked well as a team I made most of the powerpoint and then sent it to the others to add there parts. Even know I don’t like presenting to the class because I have a fear of  talking in front of people I feel the more I do the more confident I get. Also felt that because it was something I did and I was proud of it was easier to explain in front of everyone.

Over all I think this project went really well and the outcome was better than I expected. I think the first few weeks we were a bit confused on the direction we were heading and all had very different ideas. But once we figured our of campaign the idea came all together. I feel working on the animation worked best with splitting the part and then once they were all done one person putting it all together. I also felt it worked well that the printed ephemera was done by one person because i feel it had more direction and was easier for just one person to do the design whilst the other gave guidance and ideas on how to change it slightly.  I enjoyed this project and if i was to do it again I would defiantly print the booklet professionally because the printer in the university didn’t give it justice. I think it would have read much better it the printing hadn’t given it a white border. We also thought about maybe given the mobile phone more character.

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 12.17.24

Are you becoming a schmombie? – Final Animation

A lot of work has gone into this animation once we had all four parts of the animation which started with the dave getting taken into the phone stomach. This part I created using position tool to make the teeth move up and down and also rotation tool to make dave look like he getting sucked in. The next part moved on to Georges where he’s inside the stomach. This is where all these apps appear and he try to fight them off. This part was very time consuming, which is why I did the next part. This part was the phone struggling and getting overwhelmed and being sick because of all the apps and notifications. This then leads on to him coming out of the huge pile of apps and morphing into a Schmombie. Allegra did this part which was very complicated to get the three different stages to morph from one to the other smoothly.  Once the many part of the animation was done, I finished the Printed Emphmera and Allegra but the animation all together adding titles and sounds in certain part with a backing track behind.

The music we used in the animation:

Music Title Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 This animation uses many sounds from freesound for the full list see here:

Toward this project I think at first I didn’t really know what we were doing and unsure how we were going to approach this task. I felt we had to many idea and took a while to stick to one idea. Once we finally settled on idea the ideas really all came at once. We produced the story board well together. I also feel once we had our story board and our illustration we did kind of stall on creating the anumation because I think we all were scared on how we were going to turn our idea into a atchally animation. I feel for me personally the feedback after our presentation really helped me. As we had to think about how big our idea was and it allow us to cut down the story board and stick to the most important part that really showed the issue. It also made us think about the solution which we decided there wasn’t really a solution more of making people realise they were addicted to social media. I personally think the presentation and the feedback helped me to kick start the animation and once we al got on to aftereffect it made it easier to visualise the idea. The way we worked splitting the animation worked well. I also feel we communicated well when it came to what there was left to do and who felt they could do it. I feel I tried to help everywhere I could doing two part of the animation and given the animation a ending. We also used the ending “Are you becoming a Schmombie?” and all decided I could then turn that into a logo and use this on everything else. We also kick started the printed emphmera from a poster idea I had. We then all decided the poster idea was to save and that we would create a book cover. Once i had created a book cover, the idea of a short story of the animation using the illustration came. We all helped each other with suggestion on how to improve our parts of the project. I think working together in the studio helped because we could really see what each other was doing and help when needed.

Below is a link to out final animation

For this project we were present all our work at a expedition we had our printed ephemera and our digital ephemera which we placed in context. We also had example of badges and stickers and the sticker I took further and atchally made them into sticker using a sticker maker. I felt this gave the board more of a child like feel to stick in with the theme of a children book and a playful animation.

Final Expedition 


Schmombie Sticker and Badge Designs

For this project we wanted the animation and story to also have more things that kids like to link with the story. We first came up with the idea of badges that could be worn and that we would make them so that people could be aware of our campaign. Our badges were a simple design using our illustration we used in the animation along with our logo.

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 15.24.06.png
Badge Designs

We would have made actually badges to use in the expedition but we didn’t have the resource to make them as we couldn’t find a badge maker and didn’t know how else to give the design justice.

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 15.24.22.png
Sticker Designs

These sticker design I used the illustration we created on illustrator and also use some of the story part on the sticker and also kept them simple with just the logo. I also wanted to keep with the same  theme  with the blue background and the same design as the animation and books.

From these design I printed them off small and used a sticker maker to laminated them and turn them into stickers. I didn’t want to just show the design I wanted to actually make them to bring it alive more.

Social Media Addiction

For our project our progress as a group has been good and I think as a group we have worked efficiently in splitting the part of the animation and printed Emphera up to get the best out of the time we had. We as a group split the part in to three parts beginning middle and end. I did the beginning scene where the phone comes in and take the character ‘dave’ inside him my scene then end black with just his eye which then rolls into Georges scene where the emoji and notification pop up and ‘Dave’ uses the notification against the phone. I then followed from this as George scene was complicated and time consuming I said I follow from that and do the scene where the phone is sick and end with the pile of notification and you see part of ‘Dave’ in the pile. This then leads on to the most important part which Allegra morfed ‘Dave’ into a ‘Schmombie’. This then ends with all the ‘schmombies’ walking off. I then used our logo and created a simple animated ending to finish the whole animation.

Whilst we were animating we decided that the poster idea could be pushed further into a booklet with me feel confident on Indesign I created a booklet with 10 pages and a front and back cover which is shown in a previous blog post. The other two continued with the animation putting all parts together. We then decided originally that we were going to have a voice over similar to the booklet story but more detailed and more sound effects.

When putting the animation together we put the sound effects in first and when playing it through we decided it would work well with backing music instead. So Allegra had the whole animation and chose to put Kevin MacLeod – Professor Umlaut. When Allegra played this tracked to us we felt it worked really well. once inserted into the animation the tracked played really well with the pace of the animation.

There was a few website we used to get the sound effects for the animation.

Printed Ephemera- Social Media Addiction

Tuesday 21st March

Yesterday we discussed that a poster wasn’t going to as effective as if we made a booklet that used our illustration and short word to show our story in a mini book form. I first created the poster of a “Schmombie” and  then decided we could create a book cover.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 18.00.28

The poster would have been a three and the question would make you think about your addiction and almost make you aware of it. We then decided on using this design in the front cover but making the question together as a logo.

I worked on the logo creating a ? that worked with the type pf schmombie and used the question in the type American Typewriter because we felt this worked with the child like theme. I used this and but it in between the h and b. We also tried the type with a green outline but decided it looked more like a monster type.

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 12.17.24
This is our logo

When discussing as a group we decided that a 8 to 10 page booklet would be really effective and would look good along side our animation as our illustration and animation is child friendly we through a booklet along side it would work better than a website as our campaign is an awareness of addiction to social media so a website would be contradicting that idea.

We came up with the book cover first then I made the booklet whilst the other worked on the animation. I used everyones illustration and simplified the story into 10 pages. I will then print this off and create booklet.

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 11.46.52
Front and Back cover
Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 12.25.42
Page 1
Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 12.25.52
Page 2-3
Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 12.26.05
Page 4-5
Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 12.26.16
Page 6-7
Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 12.26.29
Page 8-9
Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 12.26.37
Page 10

This will be printed booklet that shows a simplified version of our animation in a 10 page booklet that will also have simple story in writing on each page to go along with it that is similar to the script on our voice over.

This booklet was really enjoyable to make to see it come to life in a different context to how we original planned it. I think the illustration work really well in this format and will look even better once printed. I think together as a team we worked well to produce this. Using everyone sketches within the finally piece and getting there opinion on how to make it better.

We then as a group came up with a script that could be used in the booklet that when it was read it read as a children’s book.

This is the script:

This is Dave.

Dave liked using his phone. 

He used it to talk to friends and family

So he never felt alone.He didn’t see it coming,

He didn’t see it strike

It chomped and it chewed

And swallowed him up in one bite.

I will not stand for this!  Dave screamed at beast

As he kicked and fought his way to release.

But it was too late when he finally got out.

He thought he was fine without any doubt.

But little did he know the schmombie virus had already hit,

Because of every like

And every click.

So he started to sag

because of the tags

Until he could no longer walk

And talk and think

This is our script that I then used to place in booklet to make it readable and flow from page to page. I also went thought it with the group and edited little part to make everything fits.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 13.56.53.png

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 13.46.02
Page 1
Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 13.46.12
Page 2-3
Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 13.46.25
Page 4-5
Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 13.46.37
Page 6-7
Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 13.46.49
Page 8-9
Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 13.47.00
Page 10-11

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 13.57.00.png

Once I finished the booklet and everyone was happy with it all I had to do was print. We did a test print before this final version which is shown above it worked on black and white and we also tried it on blue paper. The writing needed the same alignment, the position needed to changed slightly.

When I went to print in colour we came to a lot of problem due to printer in the library. We first has the issue of it printing smaller on A3. Then when we got it to the right sized it then flipped the image on the reverse side which also didn’t work how we wanted it. We then had to reconsidered how we were printed so we went to the print studio to print which it printed how we wanted in the right order but there was a large white border on every page. I think this would have looked better without but we had to work with what we had. If I had more time I would have got it printed somewhere else. I think that it is hard to print in University because of there being on printing in the studio and with the Library printers being so unreliable.


Digital Ephemera- Gif

Tuesday 21st March 

For our Digital Ephemera we decided as a group we wanted to use a part of the animation that most stood out and use that and but it into a format of a gif. We used the part where it morphs from Dave to a Schmombie then ended with the are you becoming a Schmombie?.

We used this part as we felt this was a key feature in our animation showing the change of someone addicted to social media. We also felt this would work the most on making people aware that they are a Schmombie as well.

Our digital ephemera we also wanted to show in context so what out campaign would look like in a digital context. We used twitter to show what our campaign would look like on a social media platform. We did feel we were contradicting our self by using a digital format when we are telling people to be aware of being addicted to social media. We thought we could use the tag line “if your reading this then is it already to late. We also screen shot picture of what the moving GIF would look like on a mobile phone.

We also needed to think about how this would look in the expedition so we first displayed these on two separate A4 piece but when we went to display them it didn’t look strong enough. We went back and put it all together on an A3 piece of paper.

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 14.27.42.png

This shows our digital ephemera in context allowing people to know what it would look like if we used it in the context. I believe this gif works well in a digital context because it shows the catch line are you becoming a Schmombie well.




Inspiration for the booklet

For the booklet we looked into famous children authors. We looked at Dr.Suess and Roald Darl. We wanted to have simplistic story of illustration and a simple story that rhymed. We looked into books and the context and most of them had simple illustration and simple rhymes along side it. This was where the rhyme for our booklet came from using idea from Dr. Suess.

I researched the look and feel of these authors books and used those pictures to inspire my booklet.

These image show a simple illusion with few words explaining the picture this is what I waned to achieve when doing my booklet. I also needed a script which is where Allegra wrote a script that rhymed like these children books did. We also research into it and most popular children books rhymed because it was more engaging and easier for the child to read. It also made the story more enjoyable.

This is an example of the sort of rhyme inside a Dr.Suess book this shows how simple they were and how weird and wacky they were. This is what we went with in out script which is shown below:

This is Dave.Dave liked using his phone. He used it to talk to friends and family, so he never felt alone.He didn’t see it coming, he didn’t see it strike. It chomped and it chewed and swallowed him up in one bite. I will not stand for this!  Dave screamed at beast as he kicked and fought his way to release. But it was too late when he finally got out. He thought he was fine without any doubt. But little did he know the schmombie virus had already hit, because of every like and every click. So he started to sag because of the tags. Until he could no longer walk and talk and think.

These images were to help inspire us for text placement in out own booklet. These show the boldness of text because of the importance of a word. I think this would work well in out booklet as well if we had enough space to play with. I also like the way everything flows with the image. The text works with the image which i think is really clever and I want to look into this when making my booklet.