Ephemera Design Ideas

We have been working toward our final  ephemera design which i have looked into with research on magazine layouts and research on the designers

Jessica Walsh 

One of the designer included in out booklet was Jessica Walsh who is an American designer, illustrator and art director. She was born and raised in New York and she began designing websites at the age of 11. In her work she likes to use bold and bright colour whilst using a lot of typography. Her work she produces is always fun and playful.




Sawdust is the creative partnership of Rob Gonzalez and Jonathan Quainton who are based in London. There work is professional and they create innovative typography and display brand typeface, visual identities and image creations. They give a sophisticate vibe and use asymmetrical and contemporary.



Morag Myerscough 

Morag Myerscough is a founder of multi disciplinary design practices studios. Her work is characterized by an engaging boldness, creating specific, local responses to each distinct audience that will see and experience the design, using it to create community and build identity. Morag makes places from spaces that people like to be in, which stimulate and often make you smile



Veronica Fuerte

Veronica Fuerte is a designer and illustrator who is from Barcelona. In 2007 she founded her own studio called hey studios and the client company have been Apple, The Wall Street Journal and MACBA. They have used colour, geometry and typography are used to find graphic solutions.



Oded Ezer 

Oded Ezer is a graphic artist and design educator and has pioneered in the field of 3D lettering. Before he started his career as a designer he was a poet and musician who lived in Jerusalem and London. His work is extremely playful and experimental, producing exciting outcomes that standout and appeal to the audience.



Felix Pfaffli 

Felix Pfaffli is from Sweden and is a graphic designer who set up his own design studio in 2010. His website displays his design projects like magazine covers and T-shirt graphics. His work is g bold type and flat colours. He also uses brush strokes, different textures, gradients and collage effects to create illustrative imagery.

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 16.14.01.png


Eike König 

He is a founder and director of Berlin based in design studio, HORT which is know for the free spirt and experimental approach. He keeps his style minimalist and bold which include a lot of typography.



After researching the designer I went on to the design boom website to get a feel for the website and how I would use their design in my work. I had two main layout idea in mind it was just a case of taken them in to indesign and see what best fitted the designers.


The second Idea didn’t work because the image would have taken a whole page meaning the people with a lot of text wouldn’t have really fitted .  So I went with my first idea with the image at the top over both pages.


Designboom Research

designboom is the worlds most popular digital magazine. It was founded in Milan in 1999 and it has 4 million readers and 450000 subscribers.The website is based on architecture of buildings.

The independent publication for key contemporary issues and critique of all aspects of art, architecture technology and design, especially those topics which enrich the dialogue between creative professionals, industry and society.
reports from major international design shows, architecture and art exhibitions; interviews and portraits of the protagonists in the contemporary creative scene; design history and in-depth information on the creators of design classics.

They have won many award such as

TOP100 design influencers in the world

TOP100 ‘people who count’ in design

2013 WEBBY AWARDS honorable mention best cultural blog

2014 WEBBY AWARDS nomination
best lifestyle

I looked into this website to give me a idea of how I was going to go about my layout for my ephemera I looked at the colour screen to give me idea of what colour stock to use which seems to be black and yellow. I also research there social media so I could include this in my design .

Magazine Layout

Friday 25th November

Here are many different layout to a magazine which I research in order to give me ideas for my layout. I wanted to see how they used the double page spread with the text and the image and how I could pay around with the layout depending on the image and text I am given to work with.

I have to design the entire layout including the front cover for my book and I would like mine to maybe include a contents page. I would like it to have a simple flowing layout with a constant theme flowing throughout.


The first one I like because of the numbers and the way they have used negative space to make it simple but effective.


I like this one because of the use of black and negative space and how the image look very effective on a black background. I also like the way they used the I for the contents as well as in THIS.

screen-shot-2016-11-27-at-18-33-07I like this one because of the colour and how they have used the double page well by filling one page with an image but keeping the other page simple but with enough detail.


I like the use of colour but I really like the layout using the text in the middle as the main place you look at and the the image behind that doesn’t over power the page.


I like this layout as it has a lot of of text but it is displayed in a way where it doesn’t look like a boring amount of text. I also love the colour with a little bit of yellow.

I think for my layout I would use the double page by having one page for the image and the other for that artist information. I will see what this look like when I play around with layout.

Front Cover 

I like these front cover because they are simple but effective giving a clear image and clear title.  I like the simpleness of the image and title. I like the way they have all got a different filter on them .


Reading image and representation

Wednesday 2nd November 

How can all aspect of visual design convey meanings about characters and their identities ?

We looked at two bond movies posters and compared them using the columns

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 15.09.26.png

Description Analysis
Wearing suit Masculinity, more power, smart,rich
Has a gun Dnager,power,been used, shot someone
Women behind in tight clothes and underwear Exposed make women look less significant.
Red writing Danger
Red hand look like blood
Half of bond is visible mysterious
Little guy on side Mysterious unknown less powerful got something to hide
Larger than women dominant they are waiting in line for him
Women Considered sexy look from left to right the women get smaller and more clothing, more clothes less important
Arms folded closed body language something to hide
Cigarette calm chilled
Leaning forward drawing you in with confident
Bonds facial expression pleased with himself
fully clothed women Might be putting clothes back on facing camera and connection with bond defined as sexually exotic east asian like dr.no
Showing leg connection with bond defined as sexually exotic east asian like dr.no
In front of women More dominant

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 15.09.17.png

Description Anaylsis
Bond in front Unaware whats next protecting girl behind
Gun faced away from camera On guard
Blue lady behind Calm/sadness in control
Lady has gun point at gun more dominant she’s important than him
Bonds wearing a suit
Women has serious facial expressions Suspicious Masculin
Gun looks like its being held to head Bigger gun statue doesn’t know there because looking at us
Arms crossed
Half of her mysterious
Body language of bond open worried doesn’t look in control
White suit shows he’s vulnerable
Blue statue robotic doesn’t look like flesh got mystery

This shows that the two compare because the women in the first were vulnerable but in the second the women was in control being strong and powerful.


Type Specimen Design Process

I have finished my research for my Type specimen and from the designs I have done on illustrated I asked my family and friends which design they think I should take further. My three designs were all very different I have looked into using all three but I think that design 1 and 2 are a little out there and don’t work with the style of type.

I have taken design 3 on to Indesign I first did the title Avenir on illustrated and copied it over in to indesign. I then went back in to Illustrator to do the Alphabet that was going in to the ‘V’. Here shows me putting the alphabet into the V and trying to arrange the letter with even spacing. I found this difficult but I kept with it and went on to add the rest.

From here I kept to my simple design and added my body copy and used the column to space the text evenly. I put each paragraph over two columns which worked well and was easy to read.



Here show my idea i created in illustrator I knew this was the design I wanted to stick with but at the moment I feel like this design is to simple and has too much white space and doesn’t show off the type enough.






So from my first idea I added the date the type was designed to show off the numbers in this type. I used bigger numbers in the background to make the type look more interesting. I also think it works well because the V has the same overlap. I still felt it looked very plain toward the bottom underneath the text.




Here I then started playing around with over lapping and changing opacity of the grey shades. I wanted to use the same character size but overlapping them in different ways. I felt it was coming together but it wasn’t all align correctly.



From here I had three idea come from one I had added to the simple design. I then printed each design off because I wanted to see which one worked the best which grabbed the eye the most. I decided that in the image below the one on the right hand side show the font avenger off the most and grabbed the attention of the reader.

Process of Type Specimen


Once I knew this was my final idea I wanted to sit down and looked at what need tweaking to make it look better.  I knew that the letter in the V were out of line and had big gaps in-between. The LG logo also felt to big and was the first thing you looked at so I’m going to make it smaller and move it to the bottom right hand corner. I also need to remove the Hyphenation. I also wanted to see if changing the weight of the capital letter in the V would make it look more eye catching.

For my final design I completely changed the letters in the V and used Heavy for all the Capital letters and used light for all the lower case letters I also made sure there was equal spacing between each letters and made it as V shape as I could. Overall it looked much better and showed off the type a lot more.  I also change the hyphenation of my paragraphs and slightly lowered each one to allow it to read better. I also used 3 different percentage of opacity for the character going under the many body type. I used a mixture of 40%,20% and 10% opacity for each character. I then used this for each of the V in Avenir and overlapped them.

Screen Shot 2016-10-19 at 21.03.48.png
Final Design

Type Specimen Designs

I have been doing research into existing typography poster to look at there layout to get inspiration for my type specimen layout. Here shows how I drew out there layout to show how simple every layout is.


From here I then looked at existing type specimen, I firstly looked at  Avenir and the decided to look at all type specimen out there to get idea for my own designs.

I printed 5 images of and then labelled the anatomy of a typeface. I looked at there layout and how everything was displayed together to give me ideas on how I could do with mine.

From here I went away and did ruff sketches of the layout and where everything would be placed. I played around with a few ideas and I took a couple future by change bits around .

I like some layouts more than other my original idea was to use the V in Avenir as a place to but my alphabet in. I then played with this idea a few time I also tried it with letter that are significant to that typeface.

I then took some ideas on to illustrator just to play around with the layout and design to see it on a screen before I take my final design on to indesign.

I have looked at all three of these designs and I like each one for different reasons. Each one works in its own way so I need to go back and look at how i can make one of them better than its original design.


Photographic Research- Testino

Peruvian fashion and portrait photographer. His work has featured internationally in magazines such as Vougue, V Magazine, Vanity Fair and GQ. He has also created images for brands such as Gucci, Burberry, Versace, Michael Kors, Chanel, Estée Lauder.

Testino has become one of the world’s most well known and celebrated fashion photographers. He has documented subjects from A-list stars, musicians, supermodels and artists as well as subjects he has encountered throughout his travels.

Testino was also the official photographer for portraits of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the occasion of their engagement in December 2010.

His photography is a very sharp style as he puts a edge on celebrity fashion. He also looked to his experience growing up in Peru and his long teenage summers in Brazil for inspiration, which helped him to create a unique and personal photographic language.

I follow celebrity fashion but i don’t really keep up with the latest trends but i feel his work is very typical celebrity photography but on some of this image he has used imperfect makeup not the usually perfect makeup you see celebrities wearing.