Design As Activism

Wednesday 22nd February 

To Launch our new project “design as activism” we were given the brief again along with a few animations or short films to inspire us. These range from an Alzheimer charity to the Metro. The animation that stood out to me was the really simple Metro’s dumb way to die animation to promote safety around rail sides. The way its made with a catchy tune and fun character makes sure the viewer remembers.

We were also told to focus on original ideas and  by not creating something that already exists. This is important because there no point recreating someone else idea.

We were then given our group and as a three we discussed all possible outcome and things we felt were a good subject matter to work on. We came up with three main issues social, environmental and political. We came to realise that as a group we were most interested in going down the route of social and concentrating on the negative effect of social media. This is a big thing that happens all around the world like cyber bullying.

We will now as a group discuss how we will go around using this idea and making it into an animation. I think that a story board would help our thought process.

The idea I have is we look at two people who are friends and one gets cyber bullied and almost commit secuide and the other is one doing the cyber bullying because of problems at home.



4 Designers

Monday 20th February

Today we went to the 4 designer conference in London Conway hall. We listened to 4 designer speak about there field and how they got to where they are today and given us simple tip to help us in our careers.

Patrick Baglee 


Patrick is widely recognised with his writing on design and advertising appearing in Eye, Campaign,Creative Review and U&lc. He is the former chair of the Typograph-ic Circle and founded 4Designers with Quentin Newark in 1999.

He said that “design matter more than ever”.

Matthew Shannon Brash Brands 


Matthew’s work has been the recipient of numerous accolades, and he has worked for some of the most respected design studios in the UK, and brings a sincere passion before spending time at Atelier Works, Addison and MetaDesign’s London studio.  He’s now at Brash Brands – a global brand identity agency that has worked with adidas, Armani, the BBC, Ford, and Burj Khalifa. He has written on the importance of internships and was at the heart of the SAS Scholarship Team.

Worked at:

  • Ateller works
  • Addison Group
  • Meta design
  • Getty image

He believe communication is in our hands 


He worked for skodaauto and rebranded there car. The brand was bought by volkswagen.

They used research to push the brand forward and created the skoda logo we see today. Also the skoda typeface.

How do you apply the components all together building on first impressions make sure you have a thought to communicate a lot of other thought process.


  • Think
  • Re-think
  • Do


Image bank

No single image could represent the picture library this is why you should give the image the most room on the page.

911 effected business Getty images digital work was prominent in memorable photojournalism. As a business they own photography.

Always be agile you never know whats going to happen be aware of all current trend it will effect your work.


Good to be able to work on a larger document.

When working on bp the oil leak happened which effected the business. As people were photoshopping the logo in a negative light. Needed to show a different side to show they were helping. Need a social base to show the world what is happening.

Adapting to new things that is happening keeping in with the trends.

Always adapt quickly very quickly.

Alway keep learning



Little stories big differences.

They made 60 videos that were sociably and shareable to use employees to tell story and challenge the brief

The affect your work is having.


Value Retail

We live in social enabled world

People like you tuber such as pew-pie are more influential than ever to the younger generation.

The hybrids

Using Vloggers and blogger to share clothes on social media to create business.

Alternate the delivery.


Need to come from me

“To effect change you need to be change”

“Aim to be the change power of youthful minds”

Creation of context understand components to use them in real world.

Joanna Davies,Zak 


Ambitious and entrepreneurial by nature, Joanna was Head of Group Marketing for a major pub company by the age 25 and had created Zak at the age of 29.  Jo is now CEO + Founder of ZAK, an award-winning independent creative agency. Known by reputation as Agents of Change, ZAK develops brands and creative platforms for global clients.

Zak creates big brand ideas that engage influential under 30s

Based on leather lane

See business as brand

Prefer working with challenging brands.

Worked with New Balance Football

Knowing for running wanted to change there brand slightly.

Looking towards 17 year old fans to match the audience with the brand.

They do all the branding other markets adapt your idea.

PF flyer wanted to come away from the converse range

“unfollower the crowd”

Campaign the product on their own now

Zak brand is just as important as the clients brands

We are creators, makers and innovation.

6 things:

  • Insights
  • Stragery
  • Creativity
  • Design
  • Production
  • Distribution


Trend report from our global insight network of under 30s across the globe.


Connected cool kids who collaborate with brand to create out through content.

Cool SH*T 

Weekly maker of curated and created content magazine content.

Jo’s Tips

  • Find your personal brand (what make you different)
  • Creative,culture,adventure seekers
  • Smart – Street smart
  • Brave- Speak up
  • Ambition- Need drive
  • Grounded – Normal
  • Find your perfect partner
  • Type of brand you want to work for
  • Meet the team your working for

Training is important

  1. make a strong 1st impression
  2. we the company values
  3. deliver excellence

Matt Baxter – Baxter and Bailey 


Matt is an experienced designer, spending 20 years working for some of the UK’s most highly rated brand design companies.   He has worked internationally with Melbourne and NYC-based brand design studio 3Deep Matt has worked for all kinds of clients all over the world from, The Body Shop, Orchestre de Paris, the Edinburgh Film Festival to the Australian Ballet. Matt has written for Design Week and The Drum and has judged design awards for D&AD and Design Week. He also has a keen interest in design education giving talks and running portfolio surgeries.

Micheal gladwell “anyone can be and expert in something if they done over 10,000 hours.

Director of Braxter and Bailey which is based in brighton


1.Know where your going

-Films,comics and music

Mckean was doing something interesting

-Pixies music covers

-crazy typography

-Knew what he liked didn’t know what it was

2. Say yes to everything

-D and

-Designed brief for scope

3. Fake it till you make it

-Trickett and webb

-Do things before you know hoe then eventually learn how later

4. Go places

-Went to australia 3 deep design company

5. Don’t do free work


Going back on his advice 

1. Dont know where your going

-The phonix maker of comic he fell into this

2.Say No sometimes



3.Never stop faking it

-things would get boring if you knew everything

-The illuminated river knew they were out of there dept but did it anyway

4. Stay local

-Also benefit from staying local

5.Sometimes do free work

-When its right for you

Solid Advice 

  1. Always read words
  2. Spellcheck
  3. Spellcheck again
  4. Be nice
  5. Keep in touch

Advice from people Matt worked with that got him where he is today

Lynn Trickett 

  1. Never talk yourself down
  2. Dare to try something you’ve never done before


Show commitment over deliver do something unexpected hard working and good attitude.

Brett phillips -3 Deep 

  • Design is like motorbike
  • Surround your self with people who know what there doing

Heidi Leghfoot 

  • Never worry about not knowing the answer
  • Ask to many question




Brain and James Webbs 



went straight to art school

Tv graphics


Design a set of stamps with no queen

Stamps – Royal mail 

  • Made stamps for the industrial revolution
  • Know more about the job than the client
  • Re-event Christmas stamps
  • Battle of waterloo
  • Words are important in design
  • Avoid the obvious
  • Arrive at genius
  • Letter press is an interesting process


At the 4 designer event i really got a sense of what the design world is like and what my idea and design can give to the real world. I have never really thought about what happens after university but this really open my eye to what is possible. I also learnt not to do free work there is alway someone willing to pay you. I also learnt that I need to be confident in myself and my ideas. I also think I need to speak to as many people as I can whilst I can to be in the best position possible.


House of MinaLima Visit

Monday 20th February 

Today me and few of the girl took a visit to the Minalina studio to see the design of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beast.

The studio on 26 Greek Street, Soho, London opened to showcase their fifteen years of creative collaboration in graphic design. The House boasts four floors of distinctive designs on display, from their work on the Harry Potter film series to their illustrated collective nouns, and with a spectacle of visual surprises along the way.

The graphic designs from Warner Bros and Pictures of ‘ Harry Potter films by Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima are reproduced as limited edition art prints which are on sale the authentic film props are  also be on display. It is also featuring graphic designs and props from the Fantastic Beast film.

Miraphora Mina used her own writing in the films and designs and licensed the own writing so she could still write today.

These two design are the two that stood out to me the design of the newspaper the daily prophet really stood out to me the way the type is spaced given the image and title a sort of path of the eye to follow. I also like the use of the letter to start of every new part of the paper.

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 20.19.11.png
Red line to show the path of the eye

The second print I especially liked this range because it was brightly coloured and the way the typography worked with each of different works. Letting the type speak for the poster.I think the type speaks louder than the image.

I really enjoyed my visit to Minalima even know I haven’t seen any of the Harry Potter films it was amazing to see how much detail goes in to the design of things like food packaging that are not even shown in the film.

Here are a few more images that show the props and designs that went into the building itself to show of the work.


Smells like Teen Sprit 3/8

Thursday 16th February 

Remake Remodel 

Subculture Style and Identity

Subcultures must exhibit a distinctive enough shape and structure to make them identifiably different from their parent’ culture. They must be focussed around certain activities, values, certain uses of material artefacts, territorial spaces etc which significantly differentiate them from the wider culture (p100) 

  • Refer to original with a twist there has to be visible differences. ‘Parent’ culture mainstream a look that can be bought not made.
  • Clear rituals that accompany each sub-culture
  • Customise a object everyone has – graffiti is used as a way to customise

Various youth subcultures have been identified by their possessions and objects: the boot-lace tie and velvet-collared drape jacket of the Ted, the close crop, parka coats and scooter of the Mod, the stained jeans, swastikas and ornamented motorcycles of e bike-boys, the bovver boots and skinned-head of the skinhead…. 

  • Objects have meanings that can link you to an identity of style

Yet despite their visibility, things simply appropriated and worn (or listened to) do not make a style. What makes a style is the activity of stylisation – the active organisation of objects with activities and outlooks, which produce an organised group-identity in the form of a coherent and distinctive way of ‘being in the world’ 


  • Stylisation- the active organisation of objects with activities and outlooks. How you use the object and why?
  • That process creates your identity making you different from mainstream
  • Example – all have a phone that has the same function but we all customise them to make them our own

Construction means actively putting it together with a choices being made

Punk safety pin example of having a new meaning

Resignification – Have to put quotation marks around it 

  • It means taking something and give it a new meaning
  • Brands can be associated with on group and be used by another – like expensive brands being bought by working class
  • Secret language and code

When using someone else word use quotation marks also put the source in brackets () A bracket will always follow a direct quote. Harvard system. When paraphrasing you need author and year. 

Example – According to whitley (2011) hip hop street ………..

Exaggeration of the jewellery to represent power. Gold of the chains connotes wealth. Not fir for purpose. Bling and sportswear the sports wear New York baseball. Two different meanings put together sports wear for running with heavy jewellery defeats the purposes. Juxtaposition two things that don’t belong together. Bling and sportswear it changes the meaning of the sportswear.  Changed the purpose of trainer by getting rid of the lace and exaggerating the logo by pulling the tongue up on the trainer. They were made for running but doing this would make it impossible.

Afrocentric was a hip hop style would be worn with the NewYork baseball hat. Mixing cultures to create a modified style of hip hop. Bob Marley.

We also learnt how to paraphrase quotes and also to references them correctly.

The capitalist boom of the 1980’s brought with it a focus on materialism and conspicuous consumption that was right at home with hip-hop’s penchant for self-aggrandisement.

Competition was integral to earning respect in the culture – competing for wall space as a graffiti-tagger, battling for time on the mic as an emcee and even one- upmanship in constructing a personal identity through one’s clothes

… As a source of aspiration and a means of flaunting one’s belongings, branded goods shared a natural affinity with hip-hop music” (Whitley, 2011: 187)

Paraphrase the main points of this direct quote.

  • Hip hop culture show that they earned and wore a lot of money. Show you important through the perceptions they wear. Consumerism is important for this sub culture.  Graffiti and jewellery made them confident making them seem above the law.

“The creative appropriation of styles further extended to unintended sartorial branding opportunities…hip-hop style was generated by people striving to be different, often with limited means but still wishing to be acknowledged for their flair with the vogue for wearing gold chains and flashy jewellery, young people began co-opting status symbols into accessories of their own devising. Chief among these was the practice of wearing the ornament off a Mercedes Benz, Cadillac or even Volkswagen as a medallion…brandishing a trophy that speaks to one’s boldness and fearlessness, the ornaments were vaunted hints at toughness and irreverence…though one might never be able to afford the expensive car itself, it was possible to establish a personal association with the brand” (Whitley, 2011: 188)

Paraphrase  the main points of this direct quote

  • According to Whitley 2011 fashion brands were funded trends set by sub cultures. The hip-hop style was made by people wanting to be different by using jewellery to accessories the brand. This confirms “Resignification of object and dress”. They stole things to be above the law. It was brave because it was criminal behaviour.

What is this quote suggesting about subcultural use of objects?

  • Steal tags from cars represented criminal statements. It was an anti establishment statement.

Hoe does this link to our practice?

  • Mix two things together to create a new meaning
  • History and heritage can influence style
  • Any thing is appropriated into any style
  • Parent culture
  • Style constantly change

Joe Lareta – Character and Place Feedback

Today we presented our work for the character and place brief on Joe Lareta which I think considering we didn’t really plan our presentation I think we got the work across well and let the work speak for itself.

Our feedback was good overall they felt that our use of collaboration using stick, spray paint and photoshop worked well together overall. There was also a clear path of ideas and we were told it worked well that we displayed all of our ideas in a scrap book to almost show or path of ideas as well as showing a story.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Personal Feedback 

I think that overall this project went well we did have a few problem when it came to a change of ideas. We had a set idea to create 4 cushions with a story on each using stitch, spray paint and typography.

After tutorial telling us it was more about the ideas than the outcome we regrouped and changed our ideas to a dairy of ideas and 4 posters as like a sort of outcome. I think overall we worked well as a group we did have a few member of the group who didn’t turn up at all but the member that did even with illnesses we managed to communicate well even know we weren’t all together I think using Facebook to communicate out ideas worked well for us. We sent each other image of ideas and gave each other feedback which I felt was good for us.

I think if we had had more time we could have produced the cushions as well as the other things. I think this would have worked well as a final outcome and would have showed how out collaboration worked on one piece.

Joe Laretta- Process

Tuesday 7th February 

We had idea of making cushions but when talking in a group in a tutorial we were told its more about the process than the outcome so we decided to tone our idea back and focus on the ideas and our individual strengths. We came up with making a simple booklet of ideas showing all our strengths and ideas together.

So we set up to work together but using are own strengths so I created the stencils and spray painted them using photoshop pieces created by lorna. Jenny and Ffion are going to create posters and also do sketches and stitches to go in the dairy.

Here are my spray painted stencils that will be added to our diary I used black and red spray paint.

Our final product idea was to come together with all out sketches and idea anything even rough ideas and put them together in a scrapbook to show Joe Lareta life in a variety of different way using different media. We also are producing 4 poster two all typographic stating event hat happened in that part of the sort and then two very illustrated using photo shop and illustrations. We used all of are different strengths to do our own part of the project then come together to create our final outcome and presentation.

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After Life- Gareth Strange

Tuesday 14th February 

A graphic designer with a passion for illustration and photography along with experiments


  • Alway craved perfection
  • Helped him embrace the imperfections
  • Studied graphic design at the atrium created album covers using photography and type
  • He learnt sometimes projects go wrong its ok you can learn from it
  • Strange love was his development
  • Can turn passion into really work – its the importance of play
  • Show people what you can do 
  • Worked at blue egg for 7 years
  • Made hand written type for a Chinese takeaway company
  • You get somewhere and wait for the right opportunity to come along
  • Worked for Brand 68 created everything themselves wanted it to be there own
  • Worked with the BBC
  • Brand for Andy Burnham for mayor in birmingham
  • Own company John and Jane
  • Website John and Jane
  • Website Strange love
  • Website Strange love photography


  • Its taken 8 years to get the process where it is today
  • Its not perfect it will continue to evolve
  • Alway like to work with a client with a solid brief help them write the brief. Building a relationship with them when there inventive creatively you have a better outcome and start gaining insight. Present your work probably speak through narrative of thought process you should be proud of it. Followed up and cover yourself with the right legal things in place.
  • Worth reading (Design is a job book )
  • The elements of typographic styles
  • Decide what you want to do decide your angle what you wanted to be seen as, as a brand name
  • See everything as an opportunity 
  • The on freelance Projects 
  • Experiment with personal projects
  • Made a typeface called rough
  • There is no such thing as a bad project
  • Make your mark
  • Share your work
  • Consider Instagram  to share your work
  • Intergate yourself in the creative community
  • Be positive and confident and cheeky