Constellation- Reflection

What this study group has illustrated about visual/materials culture and contexts of meanings?

This part of my course has made me think about how other visual materials and culture can link to my practice and have context of meaning. The first study group I didn’t get along with and felt i didn’t understand how constellation linked in with graphics and was confused how it would help at all. I feel the talk we had about understanding constellation made me think about it in a different way. I also feel my new study group smells like teen spirt is a lot more enjoyable and I feel i have more links to my practice with the link in fashion and typography.

This study group has been more clear to me as I am a very visual learner and don’t learn well with to much information. This study group has allowed me to use images to make a sense of what is being shown to us. I feel I have understood everyone of the subculture we have learnt about with images making it easier to link.

This part of my course made me scared as I haven’t wrote many essay in my previous experience and if I have I didn’t really know how to approach it. I feel my first study group was overwhelming being a practice run I felt the approach of it didn’t really work and the essay wasn’t probably explain to me. I also feel that the referencing wasn’t explain to me which wasn’t helpful because I didn’t know how to approach this.

I think Uni experience has changed the way I think and learn. I have changed a lot from A-level. I now realise that a lot more things link to Graphic in a way that I never seen before, I just thought graphics was graphic but there a lot more that goes into it. There is a lot of things in the world that can link to our practice that you would normally think about I feel constellation makes you aware of this a lot more.

I think this new study group and the Kath’s column has given me a new approach to essay writing and it has worked well for me because I’m a  visual learner. It has helped me break things down and get fact in different ways. Before I used to just try and find information from anywhere to get the essay together. I now know that a picture can be broken up and used to find the theory part of my essay. I didn’t think you could use images in that way before.

This study group I have really enjoy looking into subcultures and fashion has really interested me. Looking into Goths,Punks,Zoot suits,Teddy boys and a lot more. It has shown me that images can link to theory and shown me there a lot of things that go into sub-cultures and that all sub-culture come from one another. It has also made me aware that our style today has come from those subcultures.

The subcultures that interested me most was goths and punks. The band t-shirt show the link to typography and how font was used back then to make a statement. The use of font in those subcultures were bold to get the point across make it look more aggressive.

Punks and goths gave object that already had a purpose a new meaning and a new function: safety pins using them as jewellery and to wear on the outfit but not the cover up the rips so it was almost flipping it originally meanings. Punk broke rule in music and in graphic in posters and used there hair become a weapon. I’ve learnt that they used typography to change the look of something.

This all linked to my practice, mixing two things together to create a new meaning and having the history and heritage can influence style of others. Anything can be appropriated into any style and styles can constantly change.

Overall I think constellation has helped me improve my learning to think outside the box, it has also taught me how to write a essay and that just because previously I had no experience of essay writing doesn’t mean I’m not capable of writing to a good standard. I also feel I know what part of academic text I need where as before I would read something and take none of it in and search for ages to find no new information. This has helped me in my essay writing finding the right text by knowing how to search for it on Met search and where in the liberty to look.

Constellation has allowed me to think about things differently and link my course to things around me, also to think about a task in a different manner. I feel my essay on gothic style t made me think about my own practice and how it all links. Graphic communication is the way we encourage and express ourselves to convey a message that will be forever lasting and something everyone will remember using symbolism as a mark. This links to the gothic style because it makes a statement by exploring  theme such as the undead and the supernatural, this is expressed visually through there clothing.  The gothic style also represent symbolism through the use of the crucifix and element such as spiders.  Graphic design is about design and using design that are already out there to influence our own design this is very similar to the goth style the one style can be varied to create something new to create a modern twist. This has helped me within my practice that ideas can come from else where and rules can be broken and are there to be broken. This essay has showed me a lot about the style of goth and how it can be link subtle and obviously to my own practice. I think I know understand that anything can link to our own practice.




Changing faces -Presentation

Today I presented my edited version of my project from the feedback I got on Monday from David. I feel it has come on a lot since then. I have adjust the size of the font to 15 and I have removed the light bulb all together which I think works well and allows the image to speak for the article. There was things going into this presentation to the class that I was unsure about and wanted the class to point it out and give me there opinion on it.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 16.48.18Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 16.48.27Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 16.48.38

When going into this I had changed the quotation on the second page and got rid of the white box and tried to play around with the text to make you work to read it but I wasn’t sure if this worked. I also changed the text layout a lot and wanted to find out if it work reading wise.

When getting my feedback I felt it really help to give me the last few things to adjust to my piece. They felt the images were strong and the title over the image could be lowered to allow the image to work on its own. The type detailing needs some work where it is going over 4 column the line length is very long and shows a lot of gaps within the text.  They felt the text was hard to read because of the change in column throughout. They felt I should bring the box back on the quotation “Girl in the dark .. back to the light”. They felt the first spread was still very busy there was to many system with the quotations. The image on the first page they felt was strong if I open it up more and remove the text across the face and got rid of the yellow tones in the image because the system should stick to all black and white. I will use greyscale to edit the image.

I felt this feedback helped me to answer my question and it was good to show my work to other member of the class and get there opinion of my work when they haven’t seen it before.

Tutorial – Changing Faces

Monday 8th May

This is my first double page spread my idea behind this spread is for the cracked light bulb to represent the girl in the dark the idea that she cracked the light and know lives in the dark. I used a image behind the text to make a strong starting point. The quote I have placed between two lines to separate them away from the rest of the text. I also have the text in size 20 font which is because when print it will be size A1. I do feel this page has a lot going on but i wanted to get all my ideas on there and then see how I can adjust it in the tutorials.

This is my next double page spread I wanted to use this pattern because I used it in my image and I felt it was strong and portrayed the way she is confused and trapped in the dark. The use of the black and white quote is to play with the quotes meaning. I have centred the body text on the next page to play with space.

This is the last double page spread I have used the same layout for the body text as the previous one. I have used the image that is the same as the pattern above but I do feel this image feel very dark and doesn’t give the image justice.

Today I had a tutorial with David where we talked through where I had got with article so far and what I could do to improve. The image I had used were strong and I needed to be more confident with them and make them the strength of the article. The title needed work and there needed to be more white space. He felt the first double page spread was to busy and that the light bulb wasn’t working with the images so I decided that it would be best to get rid of it.

The line around the quotations weren’t working they were restricting the quotation. He felt I needed to play with the type more and be more brave with it. I felt this was very helpful and once explained what needed work I completely understood where he was coming from and what I could do with it. I also felt I could use the grid more.


Photography -Changing Faces Project

For my project I want to use photography within my peice. I have looked at image that have inspired me. My initial idea with my article is because its based on a girl in the dark I wanted to use light and shadows on a face.

I chose to use these images as inspiration and decided that i would use a projector and use images projected on the face to create a shadow I also wanted to place around with a plan background and just the shadow of the hands on the face.

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I have looked at them all and my favourite three:

These three are the strongest image as I feel they relate to the article well and can be used with photoshop to make a really strong image to use in the article. With the second image with the hand as a shadow across the face i think this image works really well and would work well as a keep image in my article. I think if I broke the colour down and blackened the shadows it would be a really strong image.

I felt these image portrayed the article well showing how she is confused and feels trapped in the dark. I wanted to make the face covered and unknown so there wasn’t a face to attach to in the article. I wanted to play around with these images playing around with colour and grayscale to give a sense of what work best in the article.

With this image i wanted to use it at the start of my article i was trying to get a sense of which one worked the most with experimenting with colour and without. I decided in the end that the greyscale one worked the most with the article as I wanted a black and white theme throughout but the black and white one looked to flat and didn’t work swell with the article.

Here shows them with in a first draft of my article to give a sense of what worked well with the overall layout and title.

For the back page I wanted a full side of one image and  I wanted to make it a strong image and one where I had used this pattern to look confused and trapped and that would link to the middle page. I feel the last one works the best with contrast of light and dark and it look more like she’s trapped behind something.

This give a sense of the image working with the article and I again feel the last image work the best given the strongest outcome the other feel to dark the image is strong and i feel the darkness of the image doesn’t work with article.

Magazine Layout

Friday 28th April 

In group of three we had to develop a 8 page a5 spread with a topic that was given to us. This was to show us that it is possible to create a good layout in a short amount of time and showed me how much can be done in the time given.

We were given the topic gnomes and out imagery and text was found from the internet we decided to spilt it into three articles and all work on a spread each keeps the theme and text detailing the same. We payed attention to the type, image, hierarchy. titles, typeface, grid system, quotes ,margins, style of image and pace.

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 17.29.14.pngScreen Shot 2017-04-30 at 17.29.52

We chose three article one about a lady who stole gnomes, the worlds largest gnome and a collection of gnomes. We chose to come up with three puns and we felt that would match our topic well.  We went for Should’ve gnome better, Gnome one bigger and gnome by many. We felt this gave humour to our articles. We stuck with a 6 column grid using Helvetica Neue for our body copy and Futura for heading and sub headings.

The feedback we were given was that overall was a good layout as it felt tacky which is what we wanted because of the articles and the nature of gnomes. We also were told that we could have placed the title else where as it felt like there separate pages instead of working together which I completely agree with we did say this after we printed. The puns worked well and gave the article a sense of humour.

Existing Magazine

Before starting this project I wanted to look at existing magazines to get a sense of what layout work and what don’t. I also wanted to get a sense of images working within the spread. I looked at a variety of different magazine to get a feel for what is out there. IMG_2017

This spread has used 3 column for there body copy. Which is how many I think I will start with in my own design. I also like the use of like to put images within in them. I also like the use of black and white then using the orange colour throughout to give a little but of colour to they page. I also thinking the size of the type works well for this size spread.




This magazine has used a powerful quote using creative colour s throughout the page to make it eye catching. I think the fact the left side is so powerful works with the red page staying with simple white writing. I think the two page work together and don’t over power. I also think the two columns work well.


This has used simple illustrations working with the text which I think work well and is a clever approach but I feel the body copy is very hard to follow and doesn’t flow very well. I also don’t like the way the text goes around the image creating weird shapes.

My Article choice and My Ideas

My article I chose was Decade in the dark I chose this as i felt it had a very different feel to the article that all of the other and I felt I could be playful with imagery. My first thoughts are I’m going to do three double page spread because I can play around with space and typography working with the images.

I have thought about the imagery a lot because i feel once I have the images the whole article will come together and I will have more of an idea of layout. I had thought of using shadows to create images. I thought about using shadows of living room objects to show thats the place she has to stay. I also thought about shadows on the face to show light and dark on the face.

These images have inspired me and I am thinking about how I can do this in my own creative way using one of my friends as a model. I am thinking of using shadow of plant and tree over the face to show parts of the outdoors.

I haven’t thought about layout yet i have put all the text into a indesign file as I felt that would give me a better sense of space so I know how much I have to play with. I think there a lot of places to play with imagery and typography.