100 Ideas

After research and my feedback I started the more abstract letter forms which seem to work well. I also brought colour and water/ink into my logo ideas. I did use some logo ideas more than once using water colour and ink to develop them future.

I felt that 100 ideas was challenging as I never come up with that amount of ideas and especially in such a short amount of time. I felt when getting to 70 it was getting harder to think of original idea that weren’t the same or similar to the previous ones.

I started looking at very geometrical logo after I came away from using my surname and middle name. I looked at the letters B and D to create them in to a geometric logo. Using inspiration from the website logo book and Pinterest to incorporate into my own designs.

We also all came together as a class and put all of our designs on the floor and it was helpful to see what other have done and how they had used different marks and colour to create a logo. You could also see everyone different styles come out with in the pages of logo designs.


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100 Logo research

Our first one week project was to come up with 100 logo idea to show the process of coming up with more than two ideas and then settle with the second one.  This is focusing on ideation asa core skill of the graphic practitioner. Like most other design
skills, the ability to ideate can be developed through repeated experience.

When starting this project I went straight in with my initials and using my middle and last name to create imagery. I used my last name board and went with the idea of a chalk board displaying my companies name. I also used my middle name rose and sketched a few ideas using the rose.

When we had our discussion with how we were getting on and what we had so far. We were all told to look away from just our name and making it a physical thing. To start looking into what we are as a designer and trying to display that through the logo.

When I went back in I started using more abstract letter form. Using watercolour and ink to distract away from the letter forms to almost show that as a designer I am quite out there and different with my idea at first but then come back confident and give solid outcome.

When it came to research I used pinterest and logobook.com to look at other design and use them to inspire my own design. I looked at a few design that influenced my design future.

I found this task challenging as come up with more than 30 idea was hard to not start repeating design. I did repeat some strong ideas but changing the medium I used to create a different outcome.

These existing logo are where I got some of my inspiration for my 100 ideas. I used these with idea I already had and used them both together to create my own version. The water coloured ones I attempted to make my own but weren’t as strong as I thought they were going to be.


What is a brand?

Exploring the brand values of existing brands

What is useful about developing a brand?

The practicalities of developing a brand

Today we had a lecture about branding and what is useful about it. What the brand values are and there personality.

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 21.45.01.png

Brand isn’t a logo its a tone of voice and personality. Impression ” You would like to make”. Personality “How you would like you or your project to be perceived by customers”

Typography and colour can tell us something

We also looked at the fact that we can tell popular brand from there logo and even when there names are removed they are iconic.

We had a task where we had to pick a brand that is already out there and show them on a wide range and also to come up with there brand values. As a group of three we chose Tesco as it is well known brand.

Tesco Brand Values



Vintage – this is from there website 

Colour Blues and red ( Representation of the union flag)


Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 21.50.49.png

This has taught me that a brand like Tesco has stated that there brand is vintage which I think is strange because it isn’t portrayed through there branding logo I would say its quite classic with the use of typeface and colours.


Designboom Improvements

After having feedback from my peers I went back in to my file and decided to make it more playful. My feed back was overall good they felt my hierarchy was clearly considered and the element are in a clear order. They felt the pages were considered and space has been given. They also like that Jessica was across 1 and half pages given the amount of writing space to breath. The rag and line length felt good. The only criticism was that the piece felt save and could have been a lot more playful.

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 18.01.47

I felt that this was overall goof feedback but my reason for keeping it simple was because I didn’t want the piece to be overcrowded I wanted the type and picture speak for them selves. I have gone back in and added shadows of the image behind the type because I like the way text reads when there something behind it .

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 17.50.07Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 17.50.14Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 17.50.22Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 17.50.28Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 17.50.36Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 17.50.44Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 17.59.44Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 17.59.51Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 18.00.00

Changing faces Binding and Exhibition Preparation

Monday 5th June

Today I want to collected my spread from touch printing studio. I had them reduce the size to A2 as I felt it was a better magazine spread size. The quality of the printing worked fine I just would have liked the paper to have been a little bit more glossy.  When I got into uni I had to trim and bind my pages. The crop marks on my pages helped me to line up where to cut. I used a scalpel and a ruler to cut my pieces down. At first it was very scary because I’m not the best when it come to a scalpel. I found it easier once David  showed us a simple way. The whole process was great to see my piece I spent so long on come together.


Overall I am extremely pleased with my outcome I think it looks really strong. I used purple paper in the background of the images to make the piece standout. The many adjustment made to my piece and lots of practice prints I feel my final piece is really strong and I’m very happy with it. I also feel that the quote have really worked. I think that all of the projects over the year has really help me to come up with this piece and I also think my A level photography helped with making my photos so strong.

In the afternoon we were asked to help out with setting up our expedition with painting and other little jobs before hanging our work. It was nice to see a room that was basically an empty canvas and I’m excited to see it with all our work on it. We all worked together as a team to get the room done.

The Yes Show- 3rd Year Degree Show

This is a show that displays the work of all the 3rd years work. The Yes Show was inspiring to see what the students only 2 years above us have created makes me look forward to my final year.


I really liked the work of  Gavin’s the scroll piece shown above was  really interesting and loved the interactivity it was amazing to see all the different outcome and how playful and clever all the work was. You could really see how much work had gone into everyone of the peices. Connor’s work the work with the food and fruit was also wonderfully playful creating images and designs from food show a very creative clever idea and a very different approach.


I overall think this show has really helped inspire me within my own work and make me think about how I could use this inspiration for my next two year.

Formative Feedback – Final Improvement

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 17.20.15.png

This is my formative feedback and I took all of this in to consideration I tried to concentrate mainly on making the quotes and type work with the body copy. I had the idea of doubling the quote to create the idea of shadow. This links in with the photos with the idea of using shadow to creates these photos. I also looked into my type detailing making less paragraphs and trying to improve the rag. I also changed the quote on the middle page spread where only the word light is in white to match the title where only dark is in black. I decided to change this because it made more sense and visible worked better. Overall I think the quotes make the piece stronger.

Below is my final 3 double page spreads with all the adulterations and improvements. I feel that there improvement has made my piece stronger and visual made the photos stronger working with the body copy.

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 17.13.47
1st page
Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 17.14.02
2nd page
Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 17.14.33
3rd page

Over all I think this project has been one of my favourite as it has allowed me to be free within my work and be as creative as I want. I also love the fact that I can take a article hat has no context and make it something thats my own. It also nice to see people taken a lot of different direction with the same article. I think getting feedback and see everyone else approach has really improved my overall spread. The amount of feedback i got from this project really help me. As there was a lot of idea I put into this and I just needed someone else to tell me to strip it back. I also needed to feel confident within my own work with my photo especially.