Design As Activism – Social Media

Monday 27th February

Today as a group we discussed our ideas all having individual ideas we came together to explore all aspect of the idea of social media. We had four ideas:

Addiction of social media – This idea is looking into the addiction of social media the way people live there lives trough social media every waking moment is spent through the aspect of social media. Also the idea that the sense of that  of technology is alway there. That sense of always needing to know the information given by a mobile.

Cyber Bulling – This was the idea that the younger generation experience cyber bullying. I was thinking that people who cyber bullying other normally because of reason there experience at home like lack of attention. I wanted to look into raising awareness of online users and to not take cyber bulling alone.

Cat-fishing – through dating – This is looking at the fact you don’t always know who is behind the screen. You might be talking to someone who seem lovely but only ever seen that one photo that could not always be there true self. This is explain well thought the TV show Catfish which is why we came away from this idea.

Cat- fishing  – through fraud and stolen identity – We then furthered the idea of cat fishing and the fact it not alway through dating someone could add you on Facebook say there someone else by using there picture as anyone picture is easy to get hold of and get information of you and claim fraud.

We also looked into link about addiction and how we could go about creating it and looking into the idea of addiction and how we could use needle and medicine to explain the way social media is an addiction.

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 17.47.16.png
The idea that social media is and addiction 
Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 17.46.05.png
Using social media for our ego











We also discussed looking into the idea that we could use things that we doing on social media like liking, Poking and swiping left and right in our animation and use it to make it look like it happening in real life to show the impact of what we are doing online. This will show that something we do on social media we would never do in really life. This also tie in with cyber bullying and how most people on line saying those things would never say it if it was in person. I think in today day and age its easier to live behind the screen instead of in the real world.


Addiction to social media

We also briefly discussed how its taking away people childhood when I was little i would use my imagination and play hour hour with something simple like a cardboard box. Today people of the age of three can work a mobile phone and I have found from personal findings that the younger generation have a lack of imagination in the outside world and I think its due to having the use of a mobile from a early age.

We also briefly discussed the use of social media to document your every move and that people take photo of things like passports and personal information and also let people on social media know when there on holiday this can lead to home targeting as someone now knows that your house is empty whilst your away. This came up as a raise awareness of what information you post and when you post it.

After a big discussing we have come up with looking into what a phone means to us. The way its an addiction to alway having information. We found from a quick discussing of our use of the mobile its not the social media that is a mega attachment it just that knowing you alway have it there. That feel you alway have the information right at your finger tips. We as a group have decided we will do a full uni day 10 tip 4 without the use of our mobile phone and document our day without them. I think this will be a nice opportunity to think with out using google.