Are you becoming a schmombie? – Final Animation

A lot of work has gone into this animation once we had all four parts of the animation which started with the dave getting taken into the phone stomach. This part I created using position tool to make the teeth move up and down and also rotation tool to make dave look like he getting sucked in. The next part moved on to Georges where he’s inside the stomach. This is where all these apps appear and he try to fight them off. This part was very time consuming, which is why I did the next part. This part was the phone struggling and getting overwhelmed and being sick because of all the apps and notifications. This then leads on to him coming out of the huge pile of apps and morphing into a Schmombie. Allegra did this part which was very complicated to get the three different stages to morph from one to the other smoothly.  Once the many part of the animation was done, I finished the Printed Emphmera and Allegra but the animation all together adding titles and sounds in certain part with a backing track behind.

The music we used in the animation:

Music Title Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 This animation uses many sounds from freesound for the full list see here:

Toward this project I think at first I didn’t really know what we were doing and unsure how we were going to approach this task. I felt we had to many idea and took a while to stick to one idea. Once we finally settled on idea the ideas really all came at once. We produced the story board well together. I also feel once we had our story board and our illustration we did kind of stall on creating the anumation because I think we all were scared on how we were going to turn our idea into a atchally animation. I feel for me personally the feedback after our presentation really helped me. As we had to think about how big our idea was and it allow us to cut down the story board and stick to the most important part that really showed the issue. It also made us think about the solution which we decided there wasn’t really a solution more of making people realise they were addicted to social media. I personally think the presentation and the feedback helped me to kick start the animation and once we al got on to aftereffect it made it easier to visualise the idea. The way we worked splitting the animation worked well. I also feel we communicated well when it came to what there was left to do and who felt they could do it. I feel I tried to help everywhere I could doing two part of the animation and given the animation a ending. We also used the ending “Are you becoming a Schmombie?” and all decided I could then turn that into a logo and use this on everything else. We also kick started the printed emphmera from a poster idea I had. We then all decided the poster idea was to save and that we would create a book cover. Once i had created a book cover, the idea of a short story of the animation using the illustration came. We all helped each other with suggestion on how to improve our parts of the project. I think working together in the studio helped because we could really see what each other was doing and help when needed.

Below is a link to out final animation

For this project we were present all our work at a expedition we had our printed ephemera and our digital ephemera which we placed in context. We also had example of badges and stickers and the sticker I took further and atchally made them into sticker using a sticker maker. I felt this gave the board more of a child like feel to stick in with the theme of a children book and a playful animation.

Final Expedition