Persuasion – Final Piece

For this project we had to come up with a piece of persuasion linking to our theme. I decided to look into environment but really focus on plastic and how much we use it unnecessarily. I wanted to create a piece of design that persuaded people to not use water bottle but to use tap water. I didn’t want the message to be stop this because I think when you tell people not to do something they don’t listen. So instead I wanted to come up with a solution with hoe to solve the amount of plastic bottles we use by swapping it to tap water. I also think this should be available in more public areas like shopping centres to stop the waste of plastic.

My final piece was an animation in which I showed the process in which to make a plastic bottle and then on the flip side how to turn on a tap. I wanted to make the process seem really long compared to the tap to show people they should be turning on the tap instead of buying and wasting plastic bottles. I overall am happy with my final outcome I think with a bit more time I could work on the transition between slide making them flow more into one another. I would also change the voice over as I did use myself and I think I could have chose someone with a bit more of a different tone within the voice.



Changing faces Binding and Exhibition Preparation

Monday 5th June

Today I want to collected my spread from touch printing studio. I had them reduce the size to A2 as I felt it was a better magazine spread size. The quality of the printing worked fine I just would have liked the paper to have been a little bit more glossy. ¬†When I got into uni I had to trim and bind my pages. The crop marks on my pages helped me to line up where to cut. I used a scalpel and a ruler to cut my pieces down. At first it was very scary because I’m not the best when it come to a scalpel. I found it easier once David ¬†showed us a simple way. The whole process was great to see my piece I spent so long on come together.


Overall I am extremely pleased with my outcome I think it looks really strong. I used purple paper in the background of the images to make the piece standout. The many adjustment made to my piece and lots of practice prints I feel my final piece is really strong and I’m very happy with it. I also feel that the quote have really worked. I think that all of the projects over the year has really help me to come up with this piece and I also think my A level photography helped with making my photos so strong.

In the afternoon we were asked to help out with setting up our expedition with painting and other little jobs before hanging our work. It was nice to see a room that was basically an empty canvas and I’m excited to see it with all our work on it. We all worked together as a team to get the room done.