On display – Final outcome

This project I have found challenge and defiantly a lot more work than i’m use to.  The brief was to animate a moving identity Promotional installation / spatial communication Ephemera (including both printed and digital outcomes i.e. posters, brochures, app, web, product) Visuals of how a signage & wayfinding systems works within the space.

My reflection on physcogeography is all about the direction of people for me going to the centre of Cardiff  and to University is very direct whereas a person unfamiliar with the area would take a whole different route. My idea for this brand was to use my journey from cathay which is student area of town and compare it to someone unfamiliar with the area. This is how I decided on my mark my mark has been made to be personal to me using my handwriting as the typeface.

I looked at company like Disney and harrods that have use handwritten fonts within there works and how they have used that writing identity throughout their brand. This inspired my idea to use my handwriting within my work. I used it within my logo and wanted to bring the whole thing together by also using it throughout my brand.

I want my brand to help people explore Cardiff but also be able to get to places quickly using my route. My poster display my Exhibition and clearly flow the same colours as my logo. The brand strap line is Direct, Explore enjoy which I have clearly used in my poster as through looking at other poster there logo isn’t the centre of attention the strap line or saying is.

I wanted to make a leaflet that clearly show where the exhibition was using my mark to show where it was. I wanted people to be able to get there using the leaflet and once there have flag to easily display where to go next. I showed my brand displaying flags outside the museum to easily display where the exhibition is. I also used a flag inside to show where exactly it was and also used the lines from my logo to create arrow that helped to show where to go within the building.

My animation will be displayed within my website so people will recognise the brand and I have also used my line throughout my website to keep a clearly link to everything else.


Final Logo

Final Outcome for my posters

Final Website

Way-finding and signage



Way finding and Signage

For my way finding and signage I have already decided that I want the exhibition to be in the Nation Museum Cardiff because its the centre of Cardiff and it is a well known place to everyone in Cardiff.

For my signage I wanted display my logo and strap line on a flag outside the Museum and also use the same flag within the museum that pointed toward the exhibition. Signage and way-finding are the directional tools that work  with the exhibition in and outside of the space to help guide people in and around.

I felt I need a flag outside of the museum along with a flyer showing them where the exhibition is located to make it easier once getting there to know where to go from there. I also displayed a flag inside the museum to show where the exact exhibition room was. I also wanted to used the line in my logo to help way finding within the space using arrows created with the line to show where too next.

I also made a leaflet in indesign using a map of where the museum is and making a pin to show where my exhibition was located. I wanted to use the same system for my leaflet to make it easier to located where the exhibition was.

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 11.46.26

Website Development

Website development

My website needed to display my brand with and with out the logo. I came up with a few idea of how to use the lines as the theme i would use throughout. I also thought about using my typeface within the website to connect it to everything else. I did a few sketches on how I wanted the website to look.

My website needed to display my brand with so I decided to use the line within my logo in the top bar of the website along with my logo. I also put all my information for each web page in the middle because i felt this worked well.

When thinking about other website I thought that they don’t always use there logo on every page. Once on another tap the top display normally opens up. So I use the line alone the whole of the top and use the logo only on the home page. I felt the lines needed to be the mark of my website. I feel the line were the thing that made the website link to the brand.



Poster Development

My recent one to one tutorial I decided I needed to change the colour of my marque mean that my whole brand had to change. I was told that my poster layout worked but the colour behind the black wasn’t working. When being told this I understood and felt I needed to play around with colour more using a colour scheme. My colour scheme now is purple, orange and blue. I was also told that the typeface i’ve been using is to heavy and is normally associated with boring documents. When coming away from this I felt that the only way to make the typeface better was to make it link with my logo as the type I used on the logo I hadn’t used anywhere else and the work felt very separate.

I wanted to use my handwriting typeface throughout my work so I created the three works using my typeface to see if it would work. When putting it into my poster it straight away brought the whole thing together. I also wanted to see if it would still work with the 3d effect on the word. This was then the typeface I used throughout my brand that brought the whole thing together.

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 19.02.50

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 12.39.37

This was using the layout from my previous poster idea changing the type and the mark. The typeface changes the whole poster and make it look more playful. The colour made it more playful and I used the alternation in the colour to bring it to life more.

I wanted to be more experimental with the type placing and try to put them together using letter that were in both words. This was to play around with the space more. Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 15.45.01Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 19.18.47

These place with the space more but also leave blank space that I think work because the typeface is so bright and playful. It would be to clutter if I had more on the page.

I want to use three poster as my final piece and I was most drawn to the two where I experimented with type and wanted to use the one with the three text in the middle with the line in the background.

Animation for Direct Me

For my animation I wanted it to be the logo moving. My idea was to make the lines move to show the path being made. I also wanted the text to type itself or create itself using shapes.

I began with import all three part of my logo. This was so I could make them move separately. I first wanted to make the line of my mark move to make the path and meet in the middle. I also wanted to make the type move to create the letters whilst the path is being made.

I did this by in my first comp adding all my image to make my logo separate and lining them up so they displayed my logo. I right clicked on the orange line and changed the vector into a shape. I then added a path ,stroke and a trim path. In Trim path I put both the start and the end to 0.0% then at 4 second I changed the percentage to 100% I then pressed the path timer at the begging and this allowed the line to draw itself. I did the same for the purple line and the Direct Me words. Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 11.30.57.png

After I had my logo moving I want to add the lines from my logo coming in before had all over the screen. To do this I used another comp and added the lines how I wanted them on the screen and used the same technique as before but for some of the line I changed them so they started from a different end.

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 11.34.42.png

I also was told in my tutorial that I would need a strap line at the end to some up my brand. So I used a third comp and added the work Direct, explore and enjoy separately so I could use them to move around the screen after my logo. I wanted each word come from a different direction. So I used position and placed them off the screen at the beginning then change the percentage at 4.00 seconds so they would all move on the screen.

My final animation is displayed below:

On Display- Logo Development

Final ideas

In a presentation I showed everyone my process so far and wanted feedback on my logo. There feedback was that they liked the idea and the logo. The logo they felt the lines were very harsh in places and needed smoothing out. The colour were said to have been to bright and that there is a rule that red and green shouldn’t be seen together, also the typeface need to be change as they felt it just didn’t work with the overall logo.

With the feedback the first thing I did was make the lines less sharp and more rounded so using the pen tool and anchor I smoothed the line out where they pointed out the most.

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 21.10.37

I went back in and went through a lot of colour changes to see if I could find a different choice of colour that worked better together. I swapped and changed the colour on a page so I could see all the option together. I also asked on Facebook to see what people thought of the original green and red and if it didn’t work or if it just needed to be changed slightly.

Here show all of my colour swatching and after looking at these I still feel that red and green is what colour I want my logo to be. As I feel these are the strongest together. I then asked a few close friends and family which one they felt worked the best and they felt the dark red and green worked the best. These colour gave it more of a earth feel rather than being to bright.

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 20.37.37

Below shows the colour that I have decided to use in my final logo. I feel that these colour work the best together. I know that in the tutorial it was said that red and green shouldn’t be seen. I feel after a lot of research and testing other option. The comment on Facebook also showed that green and red worked together.

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 20.47.32.pngThe other thing mentioned on my logo was that the line would work better if they were thinner as at the moment they looked to chucky and less like lines on a map. When trailing this with the colours chosen I agree with the comment.

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 20.52.07.png

In my presentation it was also mentioned that the typeface needs to be changed as they felt the current one didn’t worked well with the logo. I again went back into Illustrator and looked at the typeface that were already on Illustrator.

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 16.12.17

These typeface all work but I didn’t think they were personal enough considering the whole idea is my personal journey. I remembered that it was mention to look into making my own typeface. This is where I thought about making my own handwriting into a type face as its personal to me.

I created my typeface by writing the alabhet in both capitals and lower case and took a picture of this that I then placed into Illustrator where I Image traced and expanded the image and ungrouped them to make them indiviual letters. I then made sure all of them were smooth and not as sharp. I then used the letter to make my name using all capitol and also a version with both to compare and see with one worked the best with the logo.

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 21.03.49Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 21.05.02

This font worked well with the logo and felt more personal which i liked and i also feel I’ve learnt a lot more from making my own font instead of using and existing font it feel more real and more mine.

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 20.50.45

This is my final logo