Animation – storyboards

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This is the story board for my animation the idea behind it is showing the long process of making a water bottle and then showing the simpleness of turning on a tap. My script for this animation will be spoken by my sister

The Script:

The process of making a plastic firstly evolves the extraction of oil from the earth.

This then gets taken to a factory where the oil is made into plastic pellets.

This is then where this is heated up into the mold of a water bottle.

They are then taken to get filled up with water and every hour more than a million bottles are made.

These are then taken to the UK where we find them in our shop where Typically bottled water retails at up to 500 times more than the price of tap water.

Why do this when you could just turn on the tap.

Tap on for a better future.


Social Media Addiction Project

Monday 6th February 

Today as a group we came together as a three and went through all of our sketches we’d done over the weekend and finalised our ideas. We all came up with different idea and picked bit from different part of one another and mixed it together to get a well through out storyboard.

As a group we decided to concentrate in the morning and focus on what our overall story was going to be about. We used Allegra drawing and my drawing and combined ideas George had to make a finished story board by used the sketches we came up with the story I then used a website to visual some of the story better.

The storyboard start of with a person walking his dog and then without realising this got turns into a mobile phone monster. He then looks up and gets dragged into the mobile phone screen because of the lead. Everything goes dark and he then pick up the torch from the notification bar. All he see is a cloud of app and notifications. Then the ghost attacks him but he use sharp things from the phone to attack back. This isn’t showed in the below story but the mobile phone can’t handle all this happening and vomits out all the notification and the person inside him. This then creates a pile of notification and leaves the person on top falling from this huge pile. When walking away he turns into Shomibie – (Social Media Zombie) absorbed by social media and overload of information.

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 11.30.20
Visual StoryBoard
Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 11.58.24
Visual StoryBoard

This is our final story board in rough sketches to use and look back at when going to do the final animation we will have points to look at.


Once we had the idea we just needed to come up with the official character that we would be using in our animation we needed to figure out how we wanted the charter to look. We also needed to finalise the look of the mobile phone we wanted to go for the idea of a phone with hands and feet. We did a few sketches and come up with  both character we like which are shown in the pictures below.

Storyboard Workshop

As we are creating a animation as part of field a big part of that is the storyboarding. It allows you to clearly lay out your animation breaking it down into visual key shot or frame and putting the simplest amount of dialogue in them. My field group watched a short advert and had to break it down in to a format of storyboard.

We split the video in to two part and then the other member analysed each picture. Our advertisement was the popular advert see on tv made by Cravendale to promote there milk. The advert was known for having cats with thumbs. We used little frames and watched the video a second each and drew each frame showing the moving with arrows to show where something moved or changed direction.


This shows how simple our illustration were and already you can see the advert coming together. Not knowing the advert name i think you could easily guess the famous advert.

From this workshop I gained a understanding of the skill of storyboarding and how important it is to have a strong storyboard to go from to use in my own animation.As a group we have discussed our idea and how we are going to turn it in a friendly animation that storyboard will make people remember.I have learnt from this workshop the simplicity of the drawing and how simple annotation and arrows can explain further the points needed. I think its going to be hard to come up with a fresh story board my group will need to pull all our idea together to make the storyboard simple and effective for when it come to creating the real thing.